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They will likely find that other employees need back wages (2-3 years). And we go along with the abuse because what phd thesis on power quality improvement other choice to we have? One of the main reasons I left that organization was their inability and unwillingness to pay their employees fair wages so I'm curious to see how they end up sorting themselves out. During especially busy times (in Texas spring break was our big one) they were required to work an hour prior to open to an hour after close 7AM-11PM (16 hour days) for two weeks with no days off (224 hours in 2 weeks). I feel like everyone has been brainwashed to accept writing services in less than 8 hours the idea that low pay and long hours are a good thing (they are for certain employers- more for less! I’m experiencing some serious schadenfreude today because the awful non-profit where I used to work is absolutely freaking out and scrambling to figure out how they’re going to make things work with the new laws. For the mistake. ” I still strongly believe that hour tracking for exempt employees is the exception, not the rule. However, it really was a ballpark of “what percentage of your time this month was spent on each of these large categories,” not “clock in and out every day, write down can i pay for someone to do my report what you do each hour, etc. Yes, I’m shocked by all the negative reactions because I’ve been in a field like yours where they exploit workers like this. We do it and then convince ourselves it’s noble. Or (more likely), just cut their hours. This was the contract and we both agreed to it and neither was made to sign at gun point. Yes, fair enough. Two non-profits I’ve worked at has tried to get away with hiring people out on the intern program at a part-time, flat-rate salary. (Say, 20 hours a week), and then giving them an amount of work than could never be done in 20 hours a week. I’d say about half of the employees there are currently misclassified as exempt, make <$26k, and work 40-60 hours a week, and another third at least are truly exempt but writing thesis and dissertation proposals are under the new salary guideline. I expect in 2017 we’ll see a lot of people shifting jobs. They were making less than $5 an hour during those weeks. I have worked for a software company that did this to some extent. 5 hours a week, and if I went over that without permission I got in trouble. The people who are in the misclassified ones typically don’t last too long because they burn out so quickly. I need to stay until that’s done” Then she writing services in less than 8 hours would nit picking about the timeclock and punches – why Sus clocked in at 8:10 a handful of days instead of her official start time of 8:00 or left at 4:50 one day or took a 1 hour and 15 minute lunch instead of an hour – just a few minutes after chewing her out for working until 7 pm earlier that week. (And averaged probably about $10 an hour on average weeks). My question is with the new overtime rules how would I be able to be for sure if those employees are exempt or not from actual time and a half? Yes, I understand that nonprofits are Doing Good, but I honestly question the notion that the status quo is anything but abusive writing services in less than 8 hours to workers. It can really add up! Basically, my sister was in a lose-lose-lose situation that was a textbook example of how NOT to treat a valued employee (and she wasn’t the only one, it was a combo of micromanaging boss and crappy HR policies). Btw…do you track your hours or work OT). ). When I was working IT many years ago the company I worked for informed me that I was expected to work 50 hours a week, certain projects would require that I would be required to work for 3 days resume and cv writing services in kenya phd thesis on performance appraisal straight and that I would be required to carry a pager and answer it within 15 minutes. That can’t continue? The job paid 45k and I agreed to the stipulations. ) I know. (I also live in an expensive area compared to teachers’ salaries, and dislike that if help with writing essays for scholarships I weren’t married to someone in a higher-paying job, my options would be a) doctoral thesis on business administration live with roommates like I did in my early 20s, b) commute for literally hours each way, or c) relocate. In 13 months I was there, we had 33% turnover, most of which was in those low-level positions. If I were married to another teacher, we could probably afford to keep renting a one-bedroom apartment, but that doesn’t fit with things like long-term plans of raising a family. Wage and hour laws do require that non-exempt employees track their hours writing services in less than 8 hours (someone some where tracks). (Even those like Lauren Hopkins below, who are near threshold and may get a raise but then feel undervalued because other employees also got raised up to the same point. Not necessarily because the new job is even “better” but because many people will feel burned one way or another by their employer no matter how they handle it. Or even if they come out technically ahead, if the details of how the overall transition is going to work isn’t handled well it could still get ugly. This may work for many industries, but i fear that the service industry is about to take a big hit, and with it, the service we’ve all become accustom to. I held up my part and they held up theirs. Basically, it was completely NOT a 8-12, 1-5 kind of job but the manager freaked out if the time cards said anything other than that (and she was clocking in and out on her computer, so it writing services in less than 8 hours put an exact timestamp – or as close as exact as the slow, buggy system could get). ” and “when is X, Y and Z going to get done? Even if I had a really good planning flow going with my lead teacher after school, at 3:45 I had to stop and leave – because I was only supposed to work 37. The law gives them a reason to say they can’t do overtime now where previously the bosses got around it with the salary rules and some emotional manipulation. My sister was switched from salary to hourly, which meant that she should have come out ahead with the amount of OT she was working – but her boss turned into a total micromanager about best way to write an introduction for an essay it, simultaneously asking “why did you have so much OT last week? The company will likely get hit with penalties, etc. The DOL will come up with a number of hours that need to be compensated for the past 2-3 years. They were required to track their hours, so management was well aware that this was going on. The risk is this: disgruntled employee complains to DOL, DOL comes in and says “let me see records,” in the absence of records, they will interview the employee (who of course worked 10-15 hours of OT every week) and the manager and possibly other worker (how much time did employee work? On the one hand, it was nice to get overtime when something big happened – but on the other hand, I felt like it created an even bigger line between the associate teachers and The Real Teachers. ) Most of the people with whom I’m still in contact are either in or have been moved into the genuinely exempt positions. Does anyone know how this works for part-time “salaried” employees? And one manager a night was required to stay with us to close the cash room, which might take until 4AM, and they would still be required to be back in at 7am. I hate for people to fall through the cracks but hopefully this begins higher funding for things like social services. This question is geared more toward the employees I manage who are paid a writing services in less than 8 hours “Chinese overtime wage”. Will they be required to reclassify them as non-exempt (which they always were, it was ridiculous)? I am thrilled for my former coworkers and I know they would all take the huge pay raise or the huge reduction in hours that they are currently putting in. I was recently promoted to supervisor and am paid more than the cap for salaried employees. I really hope this new law helps the writing good essays for college applications massive income disparity in the US. It’s almost like Stockholm Syndrome. I was an assistant teacher for two years before I was a lead teacher, and at the school where I worked ATs were paid hourly. Restaurant industry will get torn up…nobody there will get raises, all assistant managers will have their pay cut along with their hours, and new employees will be added at the new discount price.