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This provides a sense of empowerment to the people. Right to education, right to information, right to food bills were passed. Canada reduced red tape to get food to the needy. Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Bill, 2012 is a welcome step to get rid of manual scavenging. Hence, Globalization has changed the face of rural India. The economic growth which was projected to follow Hindu growth i. People there still like to dress up in the old fashion. Thus education can empower them by providing them knowledge about their rights. The changing technology did not influence much Indian culture. The most recent one being the FDI in multi-brand retail which has failed to acquire a political consensus. Apart from Roti, Kapra and Makan, electricity, education, employment, environment, and economy became the main agenda for the election campaigns. They have scant regard for the environment and pollute it in an unchecked manner ( eg: Coca-cola’s pumping of groundwater etc). Post-independence, Indian has witnessed several social movements like Chipko movement, Narmada bachao andolan, Save silent valley, Chattisgarh mukti morcha, Natioanl campaign for people’s right to information ,India against corruption, telangana movement etc. Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Bill, was brought to alleviate the problem of manual scavenging. These critics of democracy believe that revolution writing personal essay for college admission kolkata is the how do i present jesus christ in my writings only solution to remove the ills of democracy. Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 was passed to make the society more secure for women. Development took a front seat pushing ideologies like Hindutva to the back seat. Geneva protocol has been enacted to put a ban on chemical and biological weapons. NREGA is showing declining poverty in India, further steps like food security act hoping to insulate people from poverty. Thus democracy in a diverse country like India actually creates unity. Ideologies like Marxism, believe that democracy protects the civil liberties of the ‘haves’, so that, they can college application essay pay 10 steps continue to enjoy their how to write a dissertation nursing privileged position over the ‘have-nots’. Such inhuman behavior has led to many meritorious Dalit students to take the extreme step of committing suicide. The appreciable remark done by globalization was making girls going to school. But rape cases in such countries are nowhere as compared to India. But critics of democracy and social movements argue that social movements have achieved no concrete results despite having widespread support for them. India has seen several protests in the rural areas against such policies of MNCs, as village society consider the environment as sacred with their livelihood depending on it. Nation which is so ‘divided’ socially…. People participate in elections where each person is assigned the same value irrespective of his or her economic or social status. Globalization did not influence the standard of life. US policy supports turning 15% of corn into biofuel even in heinous situations. Infrastructure was created via Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna and Golden Quardilateral. Biodiversity help with writing a dissertation proposal Hotspots have been identified and protocols for conservation of flora and fauna have been put in place. The HES in India can be broadly divided into Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate. It will also help them in knowing about legislations like Protection of Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes (prevention of Atrocities act, 1989), commissions writing personal essay for college admission kolkata like National commission for Scheduled Castes, positive discrimination as in reservation for scheduled castes, constitutional authorities like college admissions essay help zero mark Commissioner for SC and ST etc. The social and cultural divisions in the society are actually removed by democracy. The coalition politics changed the election manifesto of the leading political parties. It will help in better working conditions of the manual scavengers. Government should regulate business and People should demand government and business to take steps under harsh situation. They believe that abolition of private property, curb on personal liberties and equitable distribution of fruits of each other’s labour, can only achieve wider public good. When a Dalit student reaches the higher education after overcoming all the hurdles, he faces the worst form of discrimination like castiest assault & verbal, physical abuse from his own batch mates. Also, cases of rape of women in non provocative clothing have been recorded. Women organizations and welfare groups are working hard to empower women. Convention on the transboundary effects of industrial accidents have been designed to protect people and environment against industrial effects. Rural areas are still preserving their traditional Indian culture. Rural economy is the backbone of India and the impact of globalization has catapulted India as one of the global superpowers. A need is felt for writing personal essay for college admission kolkata making of a holistic legal and political framework that provides adequate safeguards for the rural population against MNCs. A sectoral(stream-wise) classification would be arts, commerce, science, engineering, management,law, medical and journalism. Democracy has been tested over times and is instrumental in upholding the rights of the people. Gender discrimination is outstanding by poor sex ratios. Introduction is good, but should have been more specific on paradoxes in the process of democratization post 1990. To counter the extinction of wildlife, National Parks and bioreserves have been created. Moreover, people can select the right person to represent their hopes in the parliament. MNREGA gave employment to a large section of people. The Occupy movement has failed to bring the culprits of 2008 crisis to the book. Their beliefs in untouchability, gender discriminations, are prevailing. India has still not enacted the Lokpal legislation. Lack of equality, developed world wasting food while developing world suffering hunger. So government should come writing personal essay for college admission kolkata up with policies which enable life of public. Politically, globalization has writing personal essay for college admission kolkata raised some uncomfortable questions. On the other writing personal essay for college admission kolkata side demand for food is increasing but the increase in yield is not coinciding. ”, I would have used the word ‘diverse’ in the place of divided, because it is an extreme statement when you say India is a divided country across social, economic, geographic, political and ideological spectra. Education will also help them know about their right as provided in constitutions. Like some countries who got benefited on adopting reforms. But a glance at world history will reveal that such systems of government have failed miserably and in worst cases lapsed into a kind of autocracy and dictatorship. However rural India must tread cautiously on the path of globalization as its negative effects can prove to be catastrophic Some have indicated that, provocative clothing on part of women has led men on. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty has been employed to ban nuclear explosion for military and civil purposes. Kyoto protocol to UNFCC is an international agreement that sets binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gases. Women in developed countries wear much more do we really need homework scanty clothes than in India. Similar related programme reduced hunger in Brazil reduced hunger by 33%. The LARR bill pending in the parliament could be a solution to this. These companies have gained significant political and economic clout and exploited the rural areas of their natural resources. Infact, in most of the rape cases, the victims were properly dressed. Cartegena protocol intends to protect biodiversity by international agreements. They perform folk dances and listen to their folk songs. Issues of rehabilitation and resettlement in case of mining too are reported with reglarity. Powerful minority imposes policy paralysis writing personal essay for college admission kolkata on us. Some parties see it as improving the plight writing personal essay for college admission kolkata of farmers doc business plan advertising companies by reducing middlemen and improving technologies, whereas other feel that it would further aggravate the exploitation. Women’s Reservation bill was brought up in the parliament. Women’s issues were taken up seriously. The change has been drastic and positive. Montreal protocol intends to protect the ozone layer from substances that deplete it. E GDP growth rate of below 5%, took a quantum leap. Another classification based on status is Deemed universities and affiliated colleges, run by both public and private. This seems a flawed argument. Another feature of globalization is the advent of Multi National Corporation (MNCs). Vietnam out hunger by half through writing personal essay for college admission kolkata writing master thesis computer science land reforms and investment in small farms. These Social movements developed along various agendas ranging from need to protect environment sustainability, political autonomy, economic deprivation to demand for more accountability & transparency in government institution. In the introduction, you say that: “…. Government policies are responsible for rising prices as they are using corn for biofuels. The scientific and rational thought didn’t touch their brains so far.