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The three criminal enforcement systems in the antebellum South were the justice of courts, writing masters thesis criminal justice the justice that masters enforced over their slaves, and the justice of the mob. The ideal of equal protection—the notion that all Americans are entitled not only to freedom from government oppression, but to a measure of freedom from private violence as well, and the same measure their well-to-do neighbors received—was, for all practical purposes, dead. The change in the nation’s political tilt wrought by the depression of 1873 was temporary, as such changes always are. In short, while Stuntz’s discussion of Prohibition is interesting and informative, it writing masters thesis criminal justice omits a potentially valuable assessment of how the lessons from Prohibition’s repeal might bear upon, and inform political debate buy college application essay myers mcginty about, the current war on drugs. The legal change was permanent. Yet during the 1960s and 1970s, those ranks were commanded by an overwhelmingly white officer corps. The brief was filed by twenty-nine military leaders, including men like General Wesley Clark and General Norman Schwarzkopf and several others who had achieved four-star rank. Stuntz suggests other means of avoiding disparate sentencing for similar crimes. It should motivate voters and legislators to take action to minimize those injustices. By the same logic, I believe Stuntz would have opposed legislation imposing mandatory minimum penalties. 90), and open discussion of the pros and cons of using alcohol. Those amici were thoroughly familiar with the dramatic differences between the pre-1948 segregated armed forces and the modern integrated military, and their brief recounted the transition from the former to the latter. It accurately describes the magnitude of the twin injustices in the administration of our criminal law. Among the benefits that Stuntz identifies were a decrease in alcohol consumption, caused in part by the significant increase in its price (a quart of gin, for example, rose from 95 cents to $5. Third, he favors allowing judges greater discretion to rein in the political overexpansion of the criminal law. ” That chapter title is both misleading and inaccurate. The opinion in Cruikshank emphasized the Fourteenth Amendment’s limits, concluding that it prohibited only state action and did not “add any thing to the rights which one citizen has under the Constitution against another. Ohio (1961) and Miranda v. Stuntz notes the same problem—guilty pleas to unprovable crimes—resulting from a prosecutorial practice of charging offenses that make the defendant eligible for the death penalty in order to bargain the defendant into accepting a life sentence. The broad view, however, was rejected by the Supreme Court in the infamous case of US v. But writing a thesis paper may turn into a nightmare if you pick an inappropriate thesis topic. It is misleading because much of the chapter does not describe “errors,” but rather unintended consequences of decisions— Mapp v. Stuntz argues that that decision is best understood as the product of political developments following the stock market collapse in 1873 that gave Democrats control of Congress. ” Indeed, in my judgment, the decision played a major role in changing a police culture once riddled with incompetent, lazy, and brutal behavior into a law enforcement profession that is both more effective and also commands widespread public admiration for its dedicated public service. Such amendments would reduce discrimination against black defendants, diminish the severity of the entire system, and make it more difficult for prosecutors to obtain guilty pleas to serious crimes that they are not able to prove. In a scientific field, this primary research will involve running one's own experiments, and in a particularly innovative realm may even involve building one's own equipment upon which to run the experiments. To attain a Masters or PhD degree, one needs to write a thesis inevitably. Extending his criticism of our system’s focus upon criminal procedure rather than substance, Stuntz’s eighth chapter concerns “Earl Warren’s Errors. ” Although I have reservations about accepting a political explanation for a judicial decision, there can be no doubt concerning Cruikshank’s unfortunate effects. The Court’s recent decision prohibiting Florida from imposing a sentence of life without parole on a juvenile for a non-homicide offense is a step in the right direction because such a penalty is almost never imposed in other jurisdictions. It is a very careful decision to have a topic that produces a good thesis for you or else………… Here are 9 discovered secrets of thesis college application essay pay about yourself topic selection. In my view, it should not be permissible. quality custom essay writing service Arizona (1966)—that I think were clearly correct. The Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against disproportionate punishments also applies that equality principle. ” Prohibition, authorized by the Eighteenth Amendment and the writing masters thesis criminal justice Volstead Act, is generally regarded as a “great disaster,” but was in fact more effective and a lesser cause of crime than often assumed. The Court not only set aside the conviction of one of the Colfax massacre’s leaders, who had made a sport out of lining up black men at the parish to see how many he could execute with a single bullet, but its decision also judicially constrained the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection principle in a manner college application essay that worked best ever that has not been undone. ” Stuntz explains, “The chief drug war writing masters thesis criminal justice of the early twentieth century concerned alcohol, not any of the range of narcotics that so obsessed the late twentieth-century legal system. Second, writing masters thesis criminal justice Stuntz believes that judicial interpretation of the equal protection guarantee in the Fourteenth Amendment should endorse the broad view that prevailed in the early years of Reconstruction, and that was rejected by the Supreme Court in 1876 in college application essay pay online Cruikshank and more recently in McCleskey, Armstrong, and Castle Rock. In an Alabama case decided in 1871, then Circuit Judge William Woods interpreted the Equal Protection Clause to support the broader view: “Denying includes inaction as well as action, and denying the equal protection of the laws includes the omission to protect. It is full of interesting historical discussion. The second came to an end when the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, and it seems clear that the Fourteenth Amendment was intended to end the all-too-common practice of lynching African-Americans and a surprisingly large number of their white sympathizers. Such a discussion of the pluses and minuses of the repeal of Prohibition might have provided information relevant to a debate on the wisdom of current drug enforcement policies. With particular attention to Miranda, as Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote in his opinion upholding Miranda against congressional abrogation a decade ago, the case “has become embedded in routine police practice to the point where the warnings have become part of our national culture. Within a few years after President Truman’s 1948 Executive Order abolishing segregation in the armed forces, the enlisted ranks were fully integrated. Booker (2005) that essentially changed the federal sentencing college application essay service joke guidelines from mandatory rules to advisory recommendations. Then, the student may progress to conducting primary research, which is the act of studying the subject itself and claiming the authority to draw conclusions about it. So were thousands of southern blacks who needed that protection, and needed it badly. Unfortunately, that practice survived the Civil War. ” Judge Woods also reasoned that because “it would be unseemly for Congress to interfere directly with state enactments,” Congress’s power to enforce the amendment must have been intended to authorize writing masters thesis criminal justice legislation “which will operate directly on offenders and offenses. For each of three reasons, Professor Stuntz’s account of the “collapse” of an overgrown system of criminal law enforcement is well worth reading. Because of the uniqueness of the fear of death, I find that prosecutorial bargaining chip particularly offensive since it seriously risks persuading an actually innocent defendant to plead guilty and to accept writing masters thesis criminal justice incarceration for his entire life. Fourth, Stuntz writing masters thesis criminal justice clearly would limit the scope of prohibition and the severity of punishment for the possession or use of drugs. As Stuntz mentions, the absence of developed debate among present-day political leaders about drug policies is striking in light of the openness of the debate among political leaders in the 1920s and early 1930s—such as Al Smith, the Democratic presidential candidate in 1928—about the wisdom of prohibiting alcohol. His fundamental point is that the duty to govern impartially writing masters thesis criminal justice requires the state to provide all of its citizens with equal protection against violations of the law: no class should receive less police protection than another or be punished more severely for its crimes than another. He supports judicial discretion to impose lighter sentences and therefore endorses the Court’s decision in US v. Cruikshank, decided in 1876, that arose out of the Colfax massacre.