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"The next case could be less than ideal and the public less fortunate," college application essay service king's writes Marion Nestle author of Food Politics and Safe Food, and head of the Nutrition Department of NYU in an editorial to the New England Journal of Medicine. Fortunately, it ended up as a production and commercial failure, and was ultimately abandoned in 1996 . When elements of nature that have never before been present in the human diet are suddenly introduced, and without any public safety testing or labeling notice, such as petunia flower elements in soybeans and fish genes in tomatoes (as developed by DNA Plant Technology Corporation in the 1990s), it obviously risks allergic reactions among the most highly sensitive segments of our general population. Losing Natural Pesticides: Organic farmers have long used "Bt" (a naturally occurring pesticidal bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis) as an invaluable farming aide . Overall, a broad scientific consensus holds that currently marketed GM food poses no greater risk than conventional food... China is the fourth largest producer of genetically modified crops in the world and continues to support biotechnology research in an effort to sustain food self-sufficiency policies. 8% associated high risk with genetically modified foods. It is administered at only certain times, and then sparingly, in a diluted form. They involve the most novel and technologically-violent alterations of our foods, the most uniquely different foods ever introduced in the history of modern agriculture (and in the history of biological evolution). It is present in every single cell, and pervasively impacts entire fields over the entire life span of crops. Grace applied for and was granted fifty US patents on the neem tree in India. It was the first time in 17 years that soy was tested in the lab among the top ten allergenic foods. Without further safety testing the tomato was FDA approved for commercialization. The tomato was fed in laboratory trials to mice who, normally relishing tomatoes, refused to eat these lab-creations and had to be force-fed by tubes. Looking at the results of GMOs on animals how to write a persuasive essay 6th grade demonstrates how consuming these mutations can lead to serious health risks.  It has been estimated that 25% of Americans have mild adverse reactions to foods (such as itching and rashes), while at least 4% or 12 million Americans have provably more serious food allergies as objectively shown by blood iImmunoglobulin E or IgE levels. If this were any indication as to how humans will be affected after long-term exposure to GMOs, then I would not want to research paper on genetically modified food eat something that could harm my bodily organs, endanger my life and the lives of any future children. According to a study conducted at NYU, BT residues remained in the soil for as much as 243 days. With their long list of side effects that phd thesis on teaching and design are present in animals, soon enough humans will be affected as well. It will make it essentially useless. Had they alone been relied upon, a disaster would have followed. 6% of the respondents considered advertising in their food choice decisions. As an overall result, agricultural biologists predict this will lead to the destruction of one of organic farming's most important tools. POTATOES - A study showed genetically-modified potatoes expressing cod genes were allergenic. Several developed stomach lesions and seven of the forty mice died within two weeks . During this period also, and scouring the world for valuable genetic materials, W. They conclude, 'There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. We emphasize that with over 1783 published articles on GMOs over the last 10 years it is expected that some of them should have reported undesired differences between GMOs and conventional crops even if no such differences exist in reality. ' They called for a moratorium on GM foods, long-term independent studies, and labeling. Many research studies have definitively confirmed this kind of overall risk for genetically modified foods: CORN- Two research studies independently show evidence of allergenic reactions to GM Bt corn, - Farm workers exposed to genetically-modified Bt sprays exhibited extensive allergic reactions. The pollution was found to last up to 8 months with depressed microbial activity. Although the pricing may differ, you are paying for the quality of the food and essentially, your quality of life.  Thus not labeling such genetically modified tomatoes, with hidden alien or allergenic ingredients, is completely unconscionable. Still, the risks must be carefully assessed. Also by the close of the 20th century, about a dozen of the major US crops - including corn, soy, potato, beets, papaya, squash, tomato and cotton - were approved for genetic modification. Major national and international science and medical associations have stated that no adverse human health effects related to GMO food have been reported or substantiated in peer-reviewed literature to date. Farm researchers have tapped into this treasure chest for the benefit of the rest of the world. ' (see: Institute for Responsible Technology . Additionally, 64. By consuming GMOs you are putting your own life at risk. A computer model developed at the University of Illinois predicted that if all US Farmers grew Bt resistant corn, resistance would occur within 12 months. Mice fed GM soy had altered young sperm. It killed essential soil nutrients, robbing the soil of nitrogen and killed nitrogen capturing fungi. The GM jury reached the conclusion that the sale of GM foods currently available should be halted and the moratorium on commercial growth of GM crops should be continued. Nelson ( 2001) concluded that public evaluation of GM organisms that considers the costs and benefits with a special preference for public health protection is necessary prior to future development. Rissler and Mellon ( 1996) argued that the United Nations should develop international biosafety protocols to ensure that developing countries prevent the risk of genetically engineered crops endangering domestic crop diversity. This probably increases Bt use at least a million fold in US agriculture. 17. Seeds Members of the GM jury project were briefed on various aspects of genetic modification by a diverse group of acknowledged experts in the relevant subjects. In Colombia, Pachico and Wolf's ( 2002) respondents also indicated that television is their major information source concerning genetically modified foods, with peer discussion and radio following in at second and third place. Coca plants, monocropped and nearly identical, are also endangered by an international blight. Near-deaths and Food Allergy Reactions: In 1996, Brazil nut genes were spliced into soybeans to provide the added protein methionine and by a company called Pioneer Hi-Bred. Also list and gather resources - friends, fellow activists, books, videos, tapes, conferences, Internet resources and so on. It even patented the indigenous knowledge of how to medicinally use the tree f(what has since been called biopiracy ) . This allowed a crop blight to spread throughout. Writes Dr. Using genetic engineering, the allergens from one food can thus be transferred to another, thought to be safe to eat, and unknowingly. Thus the destruction rather than preservation of alternative, adaptable seed stocks by GM companies, follows a dangerous path for the future of all of agriculture. PEAS - A decade-long study of GM peas was abandoned when it was discovered that they caused allergic lung damage in mice. It’s your body and only you can decide what to put in it. AAEM’s position paper stated, 'Several college application essay help online introduction animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,' including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.  It is a well-know fact that fish proteins happen to be among the most hyper-allergenic, while tomatoes are not. By phd thesis on operating systems contrast, there are thousands of varieties of potatoes in Peru - what provides adaptability and thus a constant resource for blight resistance. In January of 2000, the NY Times reported a citrus canker blight in Southern Florida - one seriously threatening the state's entire $8. When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles actually changed color—from the normal pink to dark blue. ) 2. The new strain can survive harsh winters. The same applies to the typical GMO that has novel bacterial and viral DNA artificially inserted. Cancer and Degenerative Diseases The concerns of food availability and nutritional intake research paper on genetically modified food are much greater in lesser-developed countries (LDCs) compared to the United States, Europe, and Japan. Fifty-four percent claimed to have no knowledge of genetically modified products at how to write a high school application novel all, and only 7.  The truth is that genetically modified foods cannot ever be equivalent. The EPA now requires GM planting farmers to set aside 20-50% of acres with non-BT corn to attempt to control the risk and to help monarch butterflies survive. To say otherwise affronts the intelligence of the public and safeguarding public officials. The Jury expressed concern over the impact of GM crops on farming, the environment, food safety and other potential health effects. Increased crop yields and dietary supplements provided by genetically altered foods would be of greater benefit in terms of food availability and nutrition problems for LDCs, while the potential drawbacks are similar.  The percentage of young children who are seriously food-allergenic is yet higher, namely 6-8% of all children under the age of three. During the Irish potato famine of the 19 th century, farmers grew limited varieties of potatoes. The presented articles suggesting possible harm of GMOs received high public attention. 'The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies. Taking a stand against GMOs is key.  In other words, there is a significant number of highly food-sensitive individuals in our general population. This was the same year Calgene, research paper on genetically modified food the producer, began to be bought out by Monsanto. Mice fed GM corn in an Austrian government study had fewer babies, which were also smaller than normal. Soil Sterility and Pollution: In Oregon, scientists found GM bacterium ( klebsiella planticola) meant to break down wood chips, corn stalks and lumber wastes to research paper on a rose for emily produce ethanol - with the post-process waste to be used as research paper on genetically modified food compost - rendered the soil sterile. GMOs have not been adequately tested on humans and is just one of the many reasons why they should not be consumed. R. This hands-off climate (as promoted by the Bush Administration and similar to what was done with the mortgage and financial industry) is a recipe for widespread social health disasters. Now what should we do with all of this information? By contrast, genetically engineered Bt corn, potatoes and cotton - together making up roughly a third of US GM crops - all exude this natural pesticide. 3% of the survey respondents had a somewhat negative or very negative opinion concerning the use of biotechnology in foods. Nearly 75% of the consumers surveyed agreed that there may be some risk associated with genetically modified foods, but almost as many were willing to try genetically modified foods in any case. The animal tests conducted, however, were insufficient by themselves to show this. Even the embryos of GM fed parent mice had significant changes in their DNA. These potential benefits, along with lower perceived risks, have contributed to generally more positive attitudes toward GM foods in developing nations. An Oregon study showed that GM soil microbes in how to write a thesis proposal the lab killed wheat plants when added to the soil. 36. It then took another decade before the first genetically-altered crop was commercially introduced. Fragility of Future Agriculture: With loss of biological diversity there inevitably develops a fragility of agriculture. GMOs were not meant to be consumed and conflict with our body’s natural biochemical balance. Not only does buying locally grown produce healthier, but also gives promise that the healthy food you are purchasing will still be available for years to come. This harms only the target insects that bite the plant. Yet the FDA officials who are sacredly entrusted to safeguard the health of the general public, and especially of children, declared in research paper on genetically modified food 1992, under intense industry-lobbying pressure, that genetically-modified (GM) foods were essentially equivalent to regular foods. In addition, the incidence rates for these children has been decidedly rising. However, despite their claims, they actually weaken the evidence for the harm and lack of substantial equivalency of studied GMOs. If we want local farmers to continue growing their crops without genetic mutations, we need to support them by buying their produce rather than a brand name. Also in that diluted form, it quickly degrades in the soil. List things you can do to achieve these goals - short-term and long-term. This was the famous delayed-ripening "Flavr-savr" tomato approved by the FDA on May 18, 1994. Set personal goals to take action, and prioritize them on the issue of GMO foods, and with a specific timeline. 5 billion citrus fruit industry. Professor Guenther Stotzky of New York University conducted research showing the toxins that were lethal to Monarch butterfly are also released by the roots to produce soil pollution.  It is a bold, if not criminal deception to but appease greed-motivated corporate parties and at the direct expense and risk of the public's research paper on genetically modified food health. Jacqueline Pongracic, head of the allergy department at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, "I've been treating children in the field of allergy immunology for 15 years, and in recent years I've really seen the rates of food allergy skyrocket. These conclusions were based on the precautionary principle and lack of evidence of any benefit. So not only are most body parts affected, the animal’s lifespans are shortened and their offspring have a lower chance of survival. A similar result was found in 1997 with the GM bacteria Rhizobium melitoli. Scientists at the University of North Carolina have already discovered Bt resistance among moth pests that feed on corn. Some individuals, however, are so allergic to this nut, they can go into anaphylactic shock (similar to a severe bee sting reaction) which can cause death. Thus, it is not surprising that in our Chinese study only 9. SOY - In March 1999, researchers at the York Laboratory discovered that reactions to soy had skyrocketed by 50% over the year before, which corresponded with the introduction of genetically-modified soy from the US. " The Center for Disease Control confirmed the spike on a US national level. The FDA even decided against the advice of its own scientists that there was no need at all for FDA allergy or safety testing of these most novel of all foods. Government-controlled media coverage in China concerning genetically modified crops has been very positive. Animal and human tests confirmed the peril and fortunately the product was removed from the market before any fatalities occurred. Do two things immediately in the direction of your goals. Reminiscent of the Irish potato catastrophe of the 1840's, Cornell Chronicle reports a still more virulent strain than ever - known as potato late blight is presently attacking Russian potato crops and threatening regional food shortages. As a result of this research "the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on 'Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks. Gi ven the increased adulteration of our diets, it is no wonder at all that this is happening. 40. There is causation,'as defined by recognized scientific criteria.