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Best, Justin I phd thesis on crisis management have a strong background in the GIS field, as well as other phd thesis remote sensing gis fields such as Hydrology, Environmental Science and Remote Sensing. Hi Erol. I am based in Ireland and so can work anywhere in the EU but also open to any exciting opportunities worldwide. A recent M. Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets. Fields of interest: Sustainable agriculture, food security, ecosystem services, biodiversity, conservation, restoration of ecosystems, ethnobiology. Any suggestions, tips, expertise you can provide is greatly appreciated! Denver doesn’t offer a PhD and Maine isn’t a geography department and doesn’t seem to have any geographers on the faculty. There are programs worthy how to write a good application essay paper of consideration at the University of Florida, Florida State and the University of South Florida. Fields of interest: organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, environmental testing, trace analysis, chromatography, mass spectrometry. Urban Heat Mapping. Based in Dorset, UK and willing to relocate. I don’t think this is an insurmountable problem so long as you recognize the situation and make an effort to train yourself in other key technologies so as not to become ESRI-dependent. Boston better? Online or brick and mortar are a toss up at this point. Hi Luke, thanks college application essay writing service name for the comment. Experienced in Phase 1 Habitat surveying. Perhaps you can enlighten me? As it turns out I probably would phd thesis on population geography have lost a boat-load of money on any housing investment in the vicinity as San Bernadino Greater Metro was phd thesis remote sensing gis one of a few ground zero locations for the housing crisis in ’08-’09. Monitoring Vegetation. Looking for a new and challenging career in R&D and contaminated site management. Extensive surveying and monitoring techniques, mapping & modelling experience, knowledge of phd thesis on natural dyes data-basing and statistics, invasive species management, people management and teaching skills. phd thesis remote sensing gis Fields of interest; palaeoclimatology, palaeoenvironmental change, examining controlling factors of buy a doctoral dissertation systematic approach benthic foraminiferal distributions, carbon sequestration in saltmarshes, measuring ecosystem responses to climate change. S. I am looking for challenging and interesting entry or graduate level opportunities UK wide. My suggestion is to contact as many programs as possible to ask if any faculty need remote sensing assistance for funded research projects. I have 2 years of experience in GIS based positions. Environmental science graduate with a commitment to developing a career in biodiversity and conservation management. I was offered a faculty position with the Business School there in 2005. I restricted my rankings to geography departments offering a PhD. Please click here to contact Paul Dutton by e-mail. Hi Clifford, yes, I am familiar with programs at U. Think of it as a job search phd thesis remote sensing gis rather than an effort to gain admission. Because of their neighborly relationship with ESRI and because phd thesis remote sensing gis of the many dollars donated by Jack Dangermond, they are somewhat beholden to ESRI. ) based in Denver, CO with a passion for skill development and a drive to contribute to a more sustainable society. Wealth of GIS experience and field work. Redlands. Searching for a challenging and professional opportunity world-wide to achieve goals of travel and real-time experience in the environmental sector. Field of interest: Field remediation project management. A South African environmental science MPhil graduate, with first level experience in research and communications. I’m certainly aware of Maine’s role as part of the NCGIA but, to me, it’s a unique program. Does OSU or Penn State fit these type of interests? Please click here to contact Georgina Key by e-mail. Areas I am interested in working with include water supply planning, hydrologic data analysis, water rights evaluations, hydrologic modeling, and field investigations within Colorado. Efficient and diligent chemist, based in Hampshire UK, with postgraduate degrees in environmental and analytical chemistry and four years' work experience in scientific research. It may be the perfect program for some students but I don’t understand the differences well enough to recommend it to anyone. I possess well developed communication skills from over 5 years in customer facing roles. Conceptual site modelisation. Looking for challenging positions in the UK. Highly computer literate, skilled user of GIS mapping software. Another Master’s won’t do much for your career. I maintain an awareness of current conservation issues with a working knowledge of UK and EU phd thesis remote sensing gis legislation. Well-versed in scientific methods and applications and in possession of a thorough knowledge of research principles and techniques. Site characterization and Remediation technologies. Fields of interest: Climate Change. Decision-making Characterization technology conceptual design and implementation. I attended an online university for my MA, but I felt it lacked the ability to provide the resources – and face-to-face network – a traditional university provides. As a result, neither program was considered. Best wishes, Justin Water Resource Specialist (M. I actually wanted to research paper of drug addiction take the job but I couldn’t work out the logistics – bad timing as we had just purchased a home in Ann Arbor and home prices in So Cal had gone through how to write a good application 8gb dvd the roof. I am very keen to begin a career in remote sensing. In fact, a good strategy might be to look for Universities hiring researchers in your area. I don’t know how things have changed since but, yes, I think they offer a great program with one caveat. But, I don’t really know enough about any one of them to provide a strong endorsement. A French research scientist, currently in Tucson, Arizona and relocating to London, with six years of experience in contaminated land remediation and characterization technologies at the University of Arizona. My impression of Redlands was very favorable at the time. college admissions essay word count Best, Justin An enthusiastic ecologist based in the UK with a PhD and two years' experience in sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services and biodiversity. Experienced in working in multi-disciplinary teams, with well-developed analytical, numerical and problem-solving skills. Based on a quick search I would start with George Mason and University of Maryland Baltimore County. Please click here to contact Shane Curran by e-mail. Since you already have an MSc I would go straight for the PhD. Has Penn State’s program found a way around this problem? Fields of interest: sustainable development, science communication, and stakeholder engagement. Contaminant transport research paper on anne frank modelisation. Sc Climate Change graduate looking to advance into an academic career through a PhD. Looking phd thesis remote sensing gis for the opportunity to have a tangible, positive impact on both people and their environment, world-wide. I thrive in field work conditions and have chainsaw, firearm, motorcycle, 4WD, construction, Senior First Aid, etc. Georgia if you’re willing to cross the border into enemy territory. I am an phd thesis remote sensing gis enthusiastic BSc Geography graduate based in Reading UK, who is responsible and reliable. Environmental Monitoring. You might investigate U. I am based in South Africa but am looking for international opportunities to expand my knowledge and phd thesis remote sensing gis have a new experience.