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Dr Greer Hawley, Principal Consultant, has a BSc degree in Botany and Zoology and a BSc Honours in Botany from the University of Cape Town. Prof Roy Lubke, is a retired Associate Professor in the Department of Botany, Rhodes University, and retired Director of Coastal & Environmental Services. He has also been involved with environmental business development in UK, Ireland and Africa having owned his own safari business in Zambia. Her academic focus was in the broad field of Environmental Management and with great interest on impact assessments, environmental planning and conservation. Her honours thesis title was: Landscape Effects on the Richness and Abundance of the Herpetofauna in the Kruger National Park. This thesis focuses on the social how to write a law research paper implications of alien fish species and the impact that the cultural customs of the Xhosa people have on the success of social development projects in the aquaculture industry. Bill was closely involved with the development of the National Water Policy (1997) and the National Water Act (1998), and was responsible for compiling the National Water Resource Strategy, First Edition (2005), much of which he wrote. She has a broad academic background including statistics, economics, management, climate change, wetland ecology, GIS, rehabilitation ecology, ecological modelling and zoology. Lungisa has gained considerable experience in social facilitation and community education and has been involved in a number of projects where he has brought his facilitation skills to bear. Phil in Environmental Management from Stellenbosch University's School of Public Management and Planning. Ms Caroline Evans, Environmental Consultant. Her honours thesis investigated the determinants of the success and failures of the bio-diesel industry, focusing how to write a dissertation in 3 months on a jatrohpa plantation in Zambia. Tarryn holds a BSc (Botany and Zoology), a BSc (Hons) in African Vertebrate Biodiversity and a MSc with distinction in Botany from Rhodes University. Honours in Terrestrial Botany (2011), both obtained at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. Caroline how to write a paper about abortion holds a BSc with majors in Environmental Science (distinction) and Zoology, as well as a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science (distinction) both from Rhodes University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and holds a PhD in Plant Sciences. Prior to joining CES he was an ecological consultant in the UK and Ireland responsible for consulting on and managing numerous ecological projects for private development clients and Government departments. Mr Bill Rowlston, has more than 35 years experience in the English and South African water sectors. Her master's dissertation explored alternative values attached to the Cape Town Talent Exchange. Topics covered included environmental management theory, social and ecological systems, climate change and environmental law. The core phd thesis on thomas hardy academic focus has been directed in the field of taxonomy both in the plant and fungal kingdom. Her undergraduate degree included both commerce and natural sciences. Prior to this she obtained a BSc degree in Zoology and 'Ecology, Conservation and Environment' and a BSc (Hons) in 'Ecology, Conservation and Environment' from the University of the Witwatersrand. Craig has consulting experience in the restoration ecology and natural resource management fields, with focus on the Subtropical Thicket Restoration Project (STRP). Tarryn's Master's thesis examined the impact of fire on the recovery of C3and C4Panicoid and non-Panicoid grasses within the phd thesis on thomas hardy context phd thesis on thomas hardy of climate change. Greer's research ranges from studying fresh and marine algae, estuarine diatoms, Restio species classification in the fynbos and forest vegetation and fungal species identification and ecology. She has spent time at Rhodes University working as a research assistant and has spent many years working within the corporate tourism industry as a project manager. Caroline's honours dissertation evaluated the economic impacts of degradation of the xeric subtropical thicket through farming practices, focussing on the rehabilitation potential of the affected areas in terms of carbon tax. She is currently working on numerous impact assessments at the East London branch. S. Mr Marc Hardy, Principal Environmental Consultant holds a M. These include the ADM and Chris Hani State of Environment studies. He is also a certified ISO14001 EMS auditor with the American National Standards Institute and the British Standards Institute. His academic background includes courses in Urban Forestry and Greening, Non-Timber Forest Products, Community-Based Natural doctor guatam gupta chicago il resume Resource Management and G. He holds a BSc (Env Sci and Zoology) and a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science. With a dissertation phd thesis on thomas hardy in food security that investigated the complex food system of soft vegetables produced in the Philippi Horticultural Area and the soft vegetables purchased at different links, both formal and informal, in the food system. He contributed to the preparation of the SA Association of Botanists vegetation map by mapping the vegetation in a large part of the Eastern Cape. His professional interests include environmental impact reporting for linear, energy and large infrastructure projects, strategic environmental policy development and reporting, due diligence studies, compliance monitoring and environmental auditing. Michael has been involved in designing and conducting various research projects which range from field-based surveys and population monitoring programs to laboratory-based genetic research initiatives. Greer's study of fungi have also contributed towards an understanding of soil ecology and "below ground" ecology. Mr Michael Bailey MSc - Michael holds an MSc in Quantitative Conservation Biology and a BSc in Biology and Ecology and is a Principle Environmental Consultant at CES. Kim has close to 5 years experience in the consultancy environment and phd thesis on thomas hardy is currently employed in the Port Elizabeth office of CES. Research projects include a leopard (Panthera phd thesis on thomas hardy pardus) population survey and invasive plant species analyses. Her honours year focussed on Environmental impact assessments, environmental management and Geographic Information systems. Kim has conducted a number of Prospecting Right Applications and has been involved in local mining projects. Professor Lubke has been involved in numerous EIAs and has extensive experience in ecological and vegetation studies and the identification of indicators for SoERs. He is currently completing his MSc in phd thesis on thomas hardy Environmental Science, focussing on factors influencing survivorship of Portulacaria afra (Spekboom) cuttings, in attempts to restore degraded lands in the Greater Addo Elephant National Park. Kim’s interests include Environmental impact assessments, Geographic information systems and Ecological Assessments. He also supervised the development of guidelines for the preparation of sub-national catchment management strategies. Dr Alan Carter, Executive phd thesis on thomas hardy of the East London Office, has extensive training and experience in both financial accounting and environmental science disciplines with international accounting firms in South Africa and the USA. Degree with majors in Botany and Zoology (2010) and B. Stokes, Yvonne (2013) Principals' and superintendents' perception of their communication relationship: The impact of RISE evaluation system on communication activities between Indiana public school superintendents and principals using the Principal Effectiveness Rubric; Competency 2. Sc. 2-Building Relationships Mr Lungisa Bosman, Senior Environmental Consultant, holds phd thesis on thomas hardy a Bachelor of Social Science (1993) from UCT, with majors in Public Administration & Sociology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management. The relevant courses in her honours degree included Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Economics. He spent 24 years with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry in Pretoria, where he contributed to the development of approaches for protecting water resources, including the determination of the ecological Reserve. Ms Kim Brent, Senior Environmental Consultant, holds a BSc degree with majors in Botany and Geography as well as a BSc (Hons) degree in Botany (Terrestrial Ecology) focussing on Environmental Management and GIS systems; both from NMMU. Marc is currently tasked with managing various large infrastructure, mining and renewable energy projects throughout Africa. In the last 20 years Michael has had experience working on environmental and development projects in numerous African countries research questions for phd thesis including, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Liberia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, as well as extensive project management experience in the UK and Ireland. Ms Amber Jackson, Senior Environmental Consultant, has an MPhil in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town. Ms Tarryn Martin, Senior Environmental Consultant. Greer has been involved in a number of diverse activities. She is currently writing up her MSc (Environmental Science and Ichthyology) thesis on the effects of alien fish species on local rural livelihoods. She completed her PhD thesis (Microbiology) at Rhodes University. Her research interests include biodiversity conservation, ecotourism and climate change. Sc. Ms Belinda Huddy, Environmental Consultant, holds an MPhil in Environmental, Society and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) in Economics, both obtained from the University of Cape Town. Ms Nande Suka, Environmental Consultant, holds a B. Mr Craig Sholto-Douglas, Environmental Consultant. His professional interests include ecological and wildlife conservation, wildlife population surveys and monitoring, project management, ecological planning and mitigation for major development projects, particularly in the mining and renewable energy sectors. I. He joined CES in April 2007. Courses in her master's degree include Theory and Practice of Environment Management, Managing Complex Human-Ecological Systems, Environmental Law and Cultural Geography.