Phd thesis on emotional intelligence

The research models used in this study were based upon Daniel Goleman's Five Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, 1995) and Bar-On's Model (Bar-On, 1997). Data analysis is important because it let researcher feel for the data, testing goodness of data and testing the hypotheses developed for the research. 5. 1 shows the theoretical framework of this research. Correlation analysis is used to determine the relationship between variables. Besides that, testing goodness of data is referring to the testing for the reliability and validity of the measures (Sekaran, 2003). In addition, the analysis will be used to measure the reliability of the study. It sets forth a description of theoretical framework, hypotheses development, sampling design, data collection, as well as explanation of the procedures for analyzing data, which refers to data analysis. 1 Responses to the survey questions on the variables are entered on a five point Likert-type scale as follows: 1= Strongly Disagree, 2= Disagree, 3=Undecided, 4= Agree, 5= Strongly Agree. The instrument is designed to collect the perceptions of respondents regarding the emotional intelligence and employee's performances in commercial banks. The purpose of the study is to examine emotional phd thesis on emotional intelligence intelligence on the employees' performances in commercial banks. The frequency distribution is obtained for all the personal variables. Data collection techniques is based on self administered and web enable survey instrument. 0, which means that there is a perfect positive correlation between the two variables or a perfect negative correlation. Figure 3. The data developed to collect data the employees who are phd thesis on emotional intelligence currently working in commercial banks in Malaysia will consist two sections. High internal consistency reliability will result in the Cronbach's alpha closer to 1. Besides that, the independent and dependent variables are derived from the previous researches. Sampling plan is based on 200 respondents of those employees working in commercial banks. When the market demands extraordinary performance and your employees and business processes are ordinary, it is time to raise the bar with Leadership Dynamics ®. The dependent variable is the emotional intelligence of the employees while the independent variables are Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Self-motivation, Empathy, Social-Skill, Adaptability and Stress management. Theoretical Frameworks Self-awarenessIndependent Variables Dependent Variable Self-regulation Self-motivation Employees' Performances in Commercial Banks Empathy Social-skill Adaptability Stress Management Figure 3. The survey is adapted on the basis of Bar-On's and Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence. After data are obtained from paper-and-pencil questionnaires, the data will then be keyed into Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Data Entry Station, where SPSS 16. 6 Analysis of Data In this chapter, research methodology would define the activities of this particular research. In this chapter the researchers will discuss on the Statistical Hypothesis used for making relation between phenomena investigated. Lastly, the Pearson correlation coefficient is appropriate for interval- and ratio-scaled variables. After conducting the survey, literature review, and defined the problem, the next step is to develop a theoretical framework. A theoretical framework has do people really fall in love essay great importance in conducting social research. G. Subsequently, a brief explanation on the data collection and data analysis techniques that will be used in this research to make sure that the hypothesis will college application essay for nursing best be done. The dependent variable is the employees' performances in phd thesis on emotional intelligence commercial banks while the independent variables are Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Self-motivation, Empathy, Social-skill, Adaptability and Stress Management. Correlation between variable are indicated by +1. We will support the growth phd thesis on emotional intelligence and development of your business with strategic planning, change management, team building and transformational leadership processes in order to turn vision into reality. This chapter is phd thesis on emotional intelligence to conclude the guidelines and course of actions to be followed to accomplish the thesis. Cronbach's alpha is a reliability coefficient that indicated how well the items in a can anyone do my homework set are positively correlated to one another (Sekaran, 2003). 0 or -1. The relationship of each variable is touched on in order to develop the hypothesis of this research. Correlation coefficient is used to test the all the hypothesis. Data analysis techniques which include descriptive analysis and how to write a good application 8th grade graduation speech correlation analysis are also being discussed in this chapter of studies. On the other hand, frequency distribution is a summary how to write a good application essay level table in which the data obtained are true so that the data analysis and interpretation is more systematic. 3. 7 Conclusion It has been suggested that responding in a desirable way is a response set, which is a situational and temporary response pattern (Pauls how to write a paper on team communication & Crost, 2004; Paulhus, 1991). Furthermore, the sources of data will be discussed and the sampling procedures are included to illustrate the sampling selection, sampling design and the total size of the sample. Leadership Dynamics ® in South Africa offers a comprehensive range of emotional intelligence, leadership development and business skills courses, supported by business development processes and services, that will take your company to new heights. There are age, gender, race, marital status, and years of working experience in banking sectors. The result from the frequency distribution can be obtained in term of frequency table, bar chart, histogram or pie chart. Considering the contexts some self-report EI inventories are used in (e. However, it is still acceptable if the Cronbach's alpha is above 0. If the results are normal subsequently it is using correlation coefficient but if the relationship is non-normal then it is using other non parametric. Rigorous study and precise step of test will define how good the hypotheses become. To be precise, every step of the research process on how this research project is carried out would be defined. How well the item for measuring the concept that hang together as a set is known as consistency. 3. 0 will analyze the data collected. , employment settings), the problems of response sets in high-stakes scenarios become clear (Paulhus & Reid, 2001). The result can be use to study the relationship of respondents profile. how can consumers protect themselves from genetically modified foods Statistical Hypothesis emphasized mathematical rigor and methods to obtain results from many sample and wider the range of distributions. As a brief introduction, the outcome of this project would be based on primary data. The objective of this study is to investigate the determinants of the emotional intelligence of the employees on their performances in commercial banks. The main instrument used to collect data throughout this research is questionnaire. All the data collected from literature are to examine the determinants of emotional intelligence of the employees on their performances in commercial banks. If you need performance management training, customer service training, sales training, communications training or supervisory training, we are the business partner of choice. This is contrasted with a response style, which is a more long-term trait-like quality. This chapter presents the overview of the research methods that will be carried out in the later chapter which is the Data Analysis. Theoretical framework represents the entire research process. Hypothesis testing is designed and discussed in details to test the viability of the hypothesis. Testing the reliability means testing the consistency and stability. The development of questionnaires and measurements are mostly in Likert scale and Itemized rating scale. Besides phd thesis on emotional intelligence that, hypotheses must be done step by step. The study is guided by the research questions stated in Chapter 1. The research framework is drawn to visualize the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variables. Thus, it can be said that correlation analysis helps in measuring the extent to which the variables are interconnected. Based on the existing literature review, the following theoretical framework has been framed.