How to write a theoretical dissertation

Another thing that truly separates a first class dissertation from a second class one is discussion of ideas and issues that have never before been discussed. Such protection is strong and somewhat easier to obtain because there is no test for the seriousness of the breach. Your description of the variables of interest in context of the literature review allows the reader to understand the theorized relationships. This introduction should present the scope of your research, while it also establishes the need for your research. 2. A well-written dissertation, thesis, essay or, indeed, any story should have three main parts to it: an introduction; a main body; and a conclusion. As Lord Diplock how to write a theoretical dissertation stated in The Abidin Daver, “judicial chauvinism has been replaced how to write a theoretical dissertation by judicial comity. Notwithstanding previous delays, efforts have been made to reduce the backlog of cases. Such infringement may occur through a refusal of access to the UK courts, which refusal may emanate from, inter alia, an exclusion of jurisdiction or stay of proceedings. If the word limit is 10,000 words, 800-1000 words should, ideally, be used on your conclusion; However, this is not unwelcome; the importance of Article 6 is so great that it is worth adopting the strict bipolar disorder dissertation ethical issue approach. In your conclusion, you are, thus, trying to tell the audience what you’ve said throughout your dissertation. You tell the reader what you expect to find in your research. It should expand upon the abstract’s summary. The Convention rights, including Article 6, now have the force of law in the United Kingdom under the HRA 1998. In assessing the complexity of a case, consideration is given to the number of witnesses , the need for obtaining expert evidence and the later intervention of other parties. It reflects any good piece of oratory: say what you’re going to say, say it, then say what you’ve said. The introduction should include any context or writing your dissertation with microsoft word background information that the reader needs in order to understand your research. Ultimately, a strict approach may provide for considerable legal certainty in a fast and growing area of law which demands firm, human rights orientated answers. For example, in Irish Shipping Ltd v Commercial Union, although the courts of both England and Belgium were appropriate, the dispute could be resolved more quickly in the English court given the more complex position of the plaintiff’s do video games cause violence essay title to sue under the governing law in Belgium; therefore a stay of the English proceedings was can essay services be detected for plagiarism? refused. Don’t be afraid to put your foot into the icy water. Which brings us to the third and most important aspect of any conclusion; Start your dissertation content with a short introduction. ” However, the interests of States cannot always be reconciled with private party rights. Moreover, the availability of an early trial date is material in determining the most appropriate forum ; indeed, “speedy justice is usually better justice. , 2003. The consistent use of ECHR jurisprudence at the outset will, at the very least, prevent a breach of Section 2 of the HRA 1998; further, it may assist those judges who are misguided or fail to see the importance of human rights today. You should begin by describing what is known about your variables, what is known about their relationship, and what can be explained thus far. Delay in the foreign forum is a fundamental consideration when determining the interests of justice at the second limb of the Spiliada test and may even be decisive if the anticipated delay is excessive.  Essentially, your goal is to convey to the reader why you think your variables are related, so the inclusion of previous research and theories that support your belief are essential to defending your rationale. Further, speed of a trial itself may be decisive in balancing appropriateness factors. Fabri, M. , and Langbroek, P. The following is an example of such a proposition and discussion, all of which stemmed from one footnote in an academic article phd thesis on self help groups that said a certain proposition “had never been discussed before in the courts of the UK”. You apply the theory to your problem, and state your hypotheses or predictions regarding potential relationships. The potential for this right to arise in the civil jurisdiction context is high, given the intrinsic nature of the operation of jurisdiction rules. First, through direct effect, where there is direct protection of a party’s right to a fair trial in the domestic courts themselves. “Preliminary draft report: Delay in Judicial Proceedings: A preliminary Inquiry into the Relation Between the Demands of the Reasonable Time Requirements of Article 6(1) ECHR and Their Consequences for Judges and Judicial Administration in the Civil, Criminal and Administrative Justice Chains”, CEPEJ (2003) 20 Rev As noted, there are various circumstances which can justify delay under Article 6. You will how to write a theoretical dissertation investigate other doctor faustus essay second rate magician researchers’ theories behind these relationships and identify a theory (or combination of theories) that explains your major research problem. The fair, public and expeditious characteristics of judicial proceedings expressed in Article 6 would be of no value at all if there were no judicial proceedings. Thus, the Italian “Pinto Act” was passed, providing a domestic legal remedy for excessive length-of-proceedings cases. The existence of this remedy may have gone towards justifying application of Article 21, which indeed was one of the questions referred to the ECJ by the Austrian Court, although unanswered. Such domestic remedies assist in reducing further breaches and ultimately reduce the need for the indirect effect doctrine. Although this right is not absolute, any limitation must not restrict access to such an extent that the very essence of the right is impaired, provided that a legitimate aim how to write a theoretical dissertation is pursued with proportionality between the limitation and that aim. Thus, referring to the rule of law and avoidance of arbitrary power, principles which underlie much of the ECHR, the ECtHR has held that the right of access to a court is an element inherent in Article 6(1). Thus, a stay was not granted, showing respect for both a potential delay itself and what was at stake for the claimant. 1. Thus, if evidence is sufficient to show a real risk of a flagrant breach in the foreign forum, as was not presented in Gasser, a stay should not be permitted. It can be seen that these factors mirror the appropriateness factors considered under the first limb of the Spiliada test. This is somewhat owing to Article 13 ECHR, which requires Contracting States to provide persons with an effective national remedy for breach of a Convention right. As stated in an earlier section you should not be afraid to come to powerful conclusions even if they challenge the views of other academics, practitioners or even the general public, provided that your views can be fairly and reasonably supported. The Act places two initial express duties on the UK courts: first, the duty to read and give effect to primary and subordinate legislation in a way compatible with the Convention rights, if possible; second, the duty to take into account inter alia any previous judgment of the ECtHR in determining proceedings which have a Convention right element, insofar as it has relevance to those proceedings. M. When considering whether to stay proceedings, in light of Article 6, the interests of States should yield to the interests of private parties. ” Indeed, one of the major advantages of the forum non conveniens doctrine how to write a theoretical dissertation is that it offsets the judge’s tendency to grab as many cases as he can and it respects the valuable international private law principle of comity. An example pertinent to justification under Article 6(1) is The Jalakrishna, where a delay of five years was anticipated how to write a theoretical dissertation if the case was tried in India, such that the claimant would be prejudiced given his need for financial assistance in light of his critical injuries in an accident. Finding this loophole was essential to the dissertation’s success.