How to write a paper about social responsibility

Questions requiring only a yes or no answer will not produce enough information for you to write an assessment that can be used to set goals and determine a treatment plan. A CSR report that is heavy on stories and light on stats comes across as more of a PR initiative than a sincere effort to invest in measurable results. Share stats and stories: Stories do a great job of showing the types of relationships CSR efforts have with community and the environment. (Certain minority groups have also been regularly offended by Stern's how to write a paper about social responsibility remarks. Ask open-ended questions. When creating a great CSR report, stats are used as benchmarking tools and stories communicate what those stats mean in terms of human and environmental impact. A stat-heavy is great for internal circulation because it documents the baseline (if the first) and progress as measured against that baseline, but an executive summary with a selected story and quality graphics will be much more beneficial to a more general audience. 5. There are the many commercials designed to business plan buying a business appeal how to write a paper about social responsibility to our egos, insecurities and secret dreams. ) Here are some other examples. But do these things represent a socially responsible way of keeping the public informed in a democracy? Stern's show is quite popular and this translates into profits. However, if a company focuses its CSR efforts on the donations it made and ignores its toxic chemical pollution and child labor practices, the media will have a field day. Philanthropy is definitely part of the CSR story and my business, REACH The Future, or organizations like Universal Giving would not be in business if it weren’t. It is important for a company to address these issues first. Over the last month I have been comparing and contrasting corporate social responsibility reports from six major San Francisco Bay Area companies across different sectors. A social work assessment is a report written by a social worker evaluating a client’s educational, mental how to write a good application essay 200 word health, substance abuse, or occupational needs. Now is my chance to share the insights and tips I’ve learned through this review process, including how to write a paper about social responsibility what a CSR report should include & exclude. They feel that television programming should be controlled so that it only presents things that are in the public's best interest. It really depends on your audience. “We how to write a paper about social responsibility are providing a valuable product or service that helps people with XYZ and while we acknowledge that the creation and the consumption of our product or service does have consequences on the environment and communities, we are looking at behaviors and technologies we can adopt and invest in to reduce our negative impact. Conclusions: Creating a CSR reports takes the effort of many to get all the data, discuss a communications strategy and get the sign off from everyone involved. Tabloid journalism is popular, as well as news that cambridge law phd research proposal caters to specific political viewpoints. (Of course, who decides what's in the public's interest is the major issue here. Some "don'ts. ) T how to write a good application statement he controversy over Howard Stern's syndicated radio show can be used to point out the basic conflict between popularity and profits. Stories are a great way to engage people. 1. However, they don’t give a company and its stakeholders baseline metrics to test against and evaluate the success of future CSR efforts. Simply making producers or an entire industry "do you bidding," no matter how noble your intent, isn't an option unless you plan to take over the country and declare yourself dictator (which doesn't meet the requirement of being legal under present law).  And don't say something like "TV producers need to be more responsible,"  or, "we need to reduce the amount of (whatever) on TV. Don’t get me wrong. A CSR report without clear goals for the next year is like a boat with no compass. You suggestions must be realistic and feasible under phd thesis literature review writing present conditions. Discuss the elephant in the room: Every business, regardless of how irresponsible they are now, can move towards operating more sustainability. At the other extreme are those who advocate a paternalistic approach, or even prior censorship of programming. It is just best to figure this out up front before you start the reporting process. You can't suggest things that are illegal (not permitted by the Constitution or writing the discussion section of a dissertation the law). "  Don't get on a soapbox and spend your time talking about what's wrong with television or why you think there is too much violence or sex on TV. This position yields a brand that is honest and has integrity. So your answer must be based on an approach that is feasible and doable. ” 3. These require the person to respond with detailed answers. Ascertain the problem. 2. It is good to have both, but go heavier on the stats than the stories. It is important to do this in a way that would not offend the client. Avoid a PR nightmare: Focus on sustainable business practices and responsible workplace conditions as opposed to philanthropy. While sharing the success of your CSR strategy is good, don’t make the mistake of dwelling on the past CSR successes and forget to focus on future goals. In the end it all comes back to why. Reports are often written in a narrative form that tells the story of the client's current problems and how and when those problems initially appeared.  That's not the purpose of the assignment. But how should that company talk about their efforts when people know that the manufacturing process of their products how to write a paper about social responsibility leads to environmental devastation? In formulating your answer keep in mind that you live in a nation where we must maintain a balance between constitutional freedoms and your responsibilities as a member of society. However stories are harder to measure and use as a guide for future goals. However, without stats, stories seam weak. But trying how to write a paper about social responsibility to convince us that we should spend money addressing the problems of "yellow waxy buildup" and "static cling" seems ridiculous compared to real social problems such as homelessness, unemployment, AIDS, world hunger, and war. At the same time, the FCC has seen fit to fine how to write a psychology dissertation at least one radio station more than $100,000 for the language used in the show. You will need to interview the client and other significant parties knowledgeable about the client's background and current needs. Gap, eBay, Wells Fargo, SunPower, Chevron & Salesforce all make an effort to show their efforts to invest in environmental and community stewardship. If your efforts are motivated by PR, than your CSR report could open up a can of worms how to write a paper about social responsibility that creates negative press and backfires. Corporate social responsibility is more about how a company makes a profit than what it does with its profit. "  Such answers don't suggest any realistic approach. An approach might even have multiple steps that you would want to outline. If your intentions are genuine, then people will be OK with your faults and interested in your efforts and strategy to do better. For example, instead of asking if the client is angry with another individual, ask them to explain how they feel about them. The question will always come up for any business that consumes more natural resources and produces more waste than it recovers. Focus more on future goals, less on past successes: The whole point of a CSR how to write a paper about social responsibility report should be to understand and showcase how business was conducted in the past so a company can plot a course to do better in the future. If people are going to jump on board with your company, they will want to see college admissions essay help zuckerberg where the ship is headed. Why is any organization creating this report in the first place? The most basic function of the assessment is to determine what the social worker is trying to accomplish with the client. The final written report includes goals the client should complete to resolve his or her problem and the treatment or assistance the social worker recommends to help the client accomplish these goals.