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"Sybil Ludington was 16 when in 1777 she rode twice as long as Revere had, from New York to Connecticut, to alert the militia that British troops were about to attack a supply depot. Is it necessary? " Very interesting article. "They weren’t in just one place. ’ Few cared who she was or what she accomplished. So when that abbey burned down, it wasn’t gone. • Brandon Stanton, On how I approach strangers in the street (YouTube video of the photographer and photoblogger for Humans of New York, talking to an Irish audience about how to make strangers relax and allow a photograph and interview. Creative librarians have put together some creative remixes, such as Navigating the Green Book (a travel guide published between 1936 and 1966 that listed hotels, restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. However, I remember back in my days as a business analyst buy essays and research papers I was responsible for writing training material to use a computer application. Apparently an important guide to evaluating and citing sources in family (genealogical) research--including electronic resources. )(Chicago Reader, 10-31-08) • First Person Project brings a new take on history (Stephen May, The Red&Black, 4-18-13). (part 1) and Who owns the story? But having done that and having got through this process, I now feel so college admission essays online good much better. I agree that anything can be made more interesting than it at first appears to be. Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940, Library of Congress, American Memory. • Who owns the story? Russell Library for Political Research and Studies) lets ordinary people come into the facility and interview each other in pairs, usually friends or family, about their personal history and experiences with larger historical and cultural events. Michael Lenehan's fascinating conversation with Studs Terkel on when and research paper writing service cheap how much it is okay to cut and paste (rearrange) material from an interview to make it seem as if that's the way the interview subject said it. (What's your greatest struggle right now? " And save the stories and names that go with writing college application essay 1 the photos! Goddard, who printed the signed copies of the Declaration of Independence, spelled her middle name or what she looked like. His ride and the way he spelled his name was well documented because he became a journalist after the war and regaled (and regaled) the story. • Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace by Elizabeth Shown Mills (884 pages). I was honour-bound really to dig deep and bring memories, perhaps, that had been suppressed for a long time, that I would have preferred, perhaps, to remain in the sediment of my life. " (Guest blogs on Women's Memoirs) "The classics survived the Dark Ages because of the monasteries and monks and because there was replication," he said. • History’s ‘Unknown Woman. " • New York Public Library Public Domain Collections, yours to use for college application essay pay online free. "It's all about the energy you give off" and "escalating levels of intimacy. Even focusing on the benefits of the application to its users, I still found people yawning through the material (and my presentations). (part 2), by Janet Riehl and Stephanie Farrow, are not about legal ownership but about ethical ownership, asking you questions such as "Is the story true? Where black travelers would be welcome) and Fifth Avenue, Then and Now. • 'Living headstones' use technology to honor the dead (Susan Gilmore, Seattle how to write a good application 6 word memoir Times 7-31-11). STING: "Well, I've never thought that I would write a book, frankly. More than 300 writers collected 2,900 histories, in transcripts and images. These and some other collections listed here are described more fully on the History Matters website. I've really forgiven people in my life and forgiven myself. • My Turn: Saving a life, for those left behind (Jane Lehmann-Shafron, Los Angeles Times 12-12-11). I think it’s a good idea for the ordinary person to sort of look carefully at what their long-term arrangements are for their pictures, and have a couple how to write a good application 6 word memoir different ones. "No, not Paul Revere. Are they yours to how to write a good application 6 word memoir tell? (Petula Dvorak, WashPost, 7-20-17) It’s not clear how Mary K. ) He's looking for a story nobody else has told him. Is it kind? "Wave a smartphone over the bench-style headstone of Edouard Garneau at Holyrood Cemetery in Shoreline and how to write a good application 6 word memoir you'll learn he was a collision-repair specialist and successful businessman who loved to barbecue, fly his airplane and travel. • Sages & Seekers, a nonprofit organization designed to bridge the intergenerational gap between seniors and teenagers in order to generate the exchange of valuable wisdom, strengthen community, and dissolve age-related segregation-- in other words, young people interview old people about their lives. This project (in University of Georgia’s Richard B. And I'm advising everyone I meet, all of my friends and everybody - people in the street, 'Write your own book. "The same thing happened to the heroic rider who turned a decisive battle during the American Revolution by riding through the night to alert the troops that the British were coming. " It's not about the questions you ask, but he does start with broad questions, to how to write a good application 6 word memoir find starting points to get into a conversation. ' Whether you publish it or not, it feels really good. Described in one review as a "monumental improvement over earlier works," important for family researchers. • The Terkel Rules: Translating from speech to prose. " and in particular, "With regard to secrets, are they necessary to your story? While I can't be sure that I have added any days to how to write a good application 6 word memoir those lives, I am certain that, for my subjects and their families, helping tell their stories has saved their lives by creating a little piece of immortality. So the process has been research paper on winston churchill wonderful. "I have interviewed hundreds of people — most of them in their 70s and older. " An oral history may be different from a video interview (for one thing, an oral history is typically archived for access by historians -- its aim is to capture history in the words of history's participants -- often around the theme of a particular oral history collection), but some of the same practical information may be helpful for video histories. Here are answers to frequently asked questions. • American Life Histories. And I feel much lighter because of it. I do know that telling my dad's story helped preserve his life and gave new meaning to my own. (Should also be read by all transcribers and personal historians. " Technology brings digital 'lives' to the graveyard. Give one piece of advice.