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NET 3. 5 needs a new IDE and 3. It is true that technical people and non-technical people can have different views of reality. You may withdraw your consent any time by writing to the Corporate Department of GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED. 5 really runs on the 2. Because many businesses make decisions based upon risk, they consider upgrading to a newer version of the runtime to be something quite scary. NET 2. Note again, the there's nothing keeping me from having 3. 0 (a major version upgrade) does not require a new IDE for development, but upgrading from version 3. 0 BCL to 3. You can edit your browser settings to disable cookies but to do so you may not be able how to write a great college admissions essay to utilize certain functionality how to write a reflective paper of the website(s) of GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED. F being the aberration)). Now tell him that in some fictional framework, upgrading from version 2. " David, Great comment, thanks for taking the time to write it! 0) that required the new IDE, not the Framework (moving from 3. 0 to 3. ) So, good job for continual improvement and even continual how to write a good application 0 with a slash revolution! 0 to 3. " These two statements are paradoxical to me. 0 and 3. NET 2. 0 to my how to write a dissertation proposal humanities bosses at my last job, that it was easier to refer how to write a good application 0 with a slash to it that way than to say "we're using . Config was such a mess was that they couldn't put all that new stuff in a default config file, since the CLR still uses the 2. When you browse the website(s) of GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED, cookies will be stored how to write a good application 0 with a slash in your computers, mobile phones or other devices for internal navigation and programming only. In fact, I think it would be incredibly clearer and communicate more to other developers, system administrators, management, and enterprise architects that dictate standards. I do not think they need to be named something collectively. That said, it's a testament to the guys in charge that whenever a new version introduces something important, I am compelled to buy college application essay famous start using it because it will make my life so much easier. For the different purposes in the course of conducting GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED’s business, you may be required to provide to GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED your personal data, which include your name, gender, e-mail address, mailing address, contact number, educational level, how to write a good application essay body occupation, company name, job title etc. I keep my 1. It certainly seemed to me as if the purpose of the first section of the post was to defend the version naming. Find your average corporate technology manager, someone who is not a developer but phd thesis on primary education who is a decision maker on technology projects. 5 (but technically from 2. 0 didn't. " What I am saying is that, after the fact, and after spending years selling . "This is where marketing and reality part ways... Then I apologize. NET 3. 0 framework is a major bonus! When you start trying to align technical issues with a perceived "business reality" in such a way that they do not align with technical reality, you force every explanation of those issues to come with a list of exceptions and addendums (like this blog post) which make understanding them a nightmare for technical and non-technical people alike. 5 (a minor version upgrade) does require a new IDE. 5 BCL with W? It removes the term "upgrade" from the proposal as instead it is more of an augmentation. 0 are done at the compiler level, but I thought Extensions methods (and therefore LINQ) required modifications to the CLR and therefore . 1, 2. Once I explain that anything post 2. I get now why they named them this way. If you fail to provide or update accurate information as requested for each specific service, the provision of such services by GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED may be affected. 0 to 3. (Generics and LINQ are the obvious examples here. NET 3. And if your CTO can't understand how new language features can improve developer productivity and increase software clarity and maintainability (arguably what LINQ does), then I seriously doubt that any tweaking of version numbers is going to help him. In terms of ability to sell . Have they been in the CLR 2. 0 to 3. See if that makes any sense to him. In this post I wasn't intending to defend the confusing marketing names. NET 3. I see what you're saying, particularly about how to write a good application 0 with a slash that 3. 5" name. You may be requested to provide to GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED certain personal data (particularly relating to your contact information) for specific services. NET 3. 0 AppPool, I just keep them tidy on my own. 0 plus WCF, plus REST, AJAX and some WPF. 0 is really just like including a bunch of third-party tools the sell becomes much, much simpler. I do not think LINQ needs to be tied to AJAX under a common ". 5 apps under my 2. 0 Compilers (having moved from 2. I thought I was pretty clear is saying "this is where marketing and reality part ways. Great explanation, I could never find this information when I looked for it. We cannot use your personal data for direct marketing purposes without your consent. 5! Which looks the way my brain thinks it is even though it's not reality. 5 to the business, I've found that the how to write a good application 0 with a slash fact that ASP. 0? Hopefully its your CTO's responsibility to explain to your CEO the business value of whatever platform you are buy college application essay papers using. It was Scott helper to do dissertation proposal Guthrie who first pointed me out that the reason the web. 0 and . Some of us just really want to know the what and why even of the file and folder layout for the technology we work (and play) with. 0 platform, using the Microsoft LINQ and WCF libraries. NET Framework 3. If that isn't the case, I would love to read a post (either one you write in the future, or an existing one you can point me to) about how Extension Methods actually work. 5 introduced a new CLR as well. That's of course, where it gets messy as it's the 3. Great post. Try this experiment. 5 applications all running under the same instance how to write a good application 0 with a slash of IIS, but each in their own AppPool. 0 config files, even if you use . By providing your personal data, you are deemed to have given consent to the use of your personal data as set out in this Privacy Policy Statement or the respective screens which GURU ONLINE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED invites you to provide your data, including for direct marketing. I would not have any problem describing my application as being built on the . But I find that making technical issues align with technical reality makes them easier to explain and easier to maintain. NET 2. Just one question though: I know most of the new stuff in C# 3. 0, and just finally been made available in C# 3.