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Should we still hold grudges against Great Britain for the burning of the White House in the War of 1812? First, partisans on the hard left pay little price for even the most extreme and repugnant statements. N. The change was motivated by theology, not pragmatism. …Smart Slime is not always Good Slime – read “Intellectuals” by Paul Johnson. At a pure intellectual level, of course I do. ” — I just can’t believe that. I have my own beliefs and preferences, and like most people, I’m convinced the world will be a better place when everybody gets with the Geno program. They are spoiling for a fight because they see the demographic trends and the decaying West and think that God and history are on their side. On a personal level, I don’t believe that at all. The Baath took its cues from modernist Fascism, but other movements such as the Christian Phalangists in Lebanon took reactionary Spanish Fascism as a model. …. Very little export orientation. (I live in North Carolina, for the record, and for the record, NC is currently experiencing serious how do i make my essay interesting econimic growth because a lot of Yankees are moving here and setting up shop). You quoted the thing about fraud from Eric’s site, which I hadn’t resume and cv writing service seen before, or hadn’t really looked at. Wildmonk’s observation how to write a law personal statement is relevant but I was pointing out that the effectiveness of the “backfire” is largely dependent on control of oil production. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo. The relevant facilities are fairly small. But they are wrong about their fantasy of subjugating the West because, for all our faults, we are stronger than they can ever dream of being. Which outsiders would help enough to make a difference? As the story of the fall of communism is written, the seminal role of faith in that toppling, too, is becoming apparent. No – by what evr would probably describe as a religious extremist of the Western stripe. Shouldn’t these people at *least* be suffering some mild intimidation before the hard lefties go on screaming about “pogroms” and “jack-booted thugs”? I think it’s interesting that the whole discusion of “oppressed cultures” here fit the memes to a “t. Talk to me when Churchill and Sheehan how do i make my essay interesting are in prison as “enemies of the state. But if your masculinity depends in any way on The Right To Pee-Stand In A Shared Environment you have my, er, sympathy. :-) OK, I’m more or less on board for the connection between Islamism and Spanish fascism, but that was the stay-at-home runt of the litter, not exactly what the Greatest Generation bestirred itself to vanquish. “See, if you really believe that all societies, cultures and expressions are philosophically equal…” — I do and I don’t. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. For example, what price has Ward Churchill or Cindy Sheehan paid? Promote the U. It’s also become the American Way of Life and Education to teach kids that nature is all there is (in a flourish of circular reasoning that would make George Orwell proud, pointing out that it is logically beyond the grasp of science to reach that conclusion is itself considered unscientific); that they are the end-product of purposeless and indifferent doc engineer job mount process resume surface natural processes (with a seemingly magical ability to self-construct when the potion of ‘a lot of time’ is added); that they have descended from slime; and that now they should go out and be good. ) If the US tried to control them, the locals couldn’t do much about it. As the only hope for mankind. There are terrorists that feel how do i make my essay interesting that way, but the terrorists how do i make my essay interesting can’t operate if the confident, expansionist power they live in and operate from are on the US’s side instead of the terrorists side. A pragmatist? And it was led by …. For the first time in the history of the world, a bold step was taken toward the elimination of slavery. As by Moscow. ” 11. My point is simple: the 19th Century is like Vegas, whatever happened in the 19th Century stayed in the 19th Century. Of course not, because you can’t: by the standards we judge our own culture by, they were generally racist, tribalist, misogynistic, oppressive, and cruel. Both flavors of Fascism have powerfully influenced the Middle East. …Good Slime? ” Does anyone argue those cultures were morally superior on any basis other than the fact they lost? So I asked about it, specifically about meeting fraud with fraud, as I didn’t know what that implied. Well, here in spain we have a perfect Suicidalist goverment, our President talks about Alliance of Civilization to understand islamic terrorism (obiusly caused by poverty), our Minister of Defence says that he prefers to be killed than to kill, and Minister for Foreign Affairs friends are Venezuela, Cuba, Palestina, Siria… “… everything they have done over the past 50 years bespeaks a confident, phd thesis on mobile cloud computing expansionist power willing to shed enormous amounts of blood for no more reason than the thrill of watching Infidels die. The college application essay help online influential person doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood (the root organization of Hamas, Jamiat-al-Islami, and al-Qaeda) is more ambiguous; like Japanese Fascism it combines reactionary and revolutionary-modernist ideas in subtle ways. It was just a how do i make my essay interesting spontaneous fucking question. Ward’s had some people looking into his background claims (and finding he’s a few cards short of a full deck) but both have become celebrities on the buy research papers online no plagiarism less than... left. ) As patriotic as I am, I’m also a little skeptical of relying too much on “The American Way of Life”, how do i make my essay interesting because, as evr pointed out, that way of life is changeable, and is changing. …Smart Slime? They are spoiling for a fight because they believe that the West has turned decidely weak. I mean, get a sense of *proportion*. (They aren’t the whole country. It was the courageous and politically self-defeating stance of the Christian William Wilberforce who toppled English involvement in slavery – against the inertia of British pragmatists. All formalism is dependent on premises, and premises are arbitrary, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam, and please! OK, I asked kind of snidely, and you were quite entitled to be college admission essay online double space snide back – but having answered my question (for which props and thanks) you then got yourself involved in some absurd victory dance. Course, your partner (I might be presuming too much here) may not be worthy of such consideration. Seems that when the real work of fighting against the evil how do i make my essay interesting ‘isms needs doing, some of it’s done by those who actually believe in good and evil, and not always by those who are simply fighting for the “American Way of Life”. Being actively disliked by your political opponents is not “oppression” – it is the expected outcome of saying things that are purposely offensive to them. And they are right – for exactly the reasons that Eric has documented. Japanese so-called fascism is a bit of a stretch – it had evolved very much in its own sphere, and although there were parallels (and plenty of imported ideas from Germany and Italy) I’d be kind of surprised if our non-shaving friends turned out to have been studying the sayings of Admiral Tojo in great detail. Do Northerners still believe the South ought to be convinced how do i make my essay interesting at the end of a gun? Are you *still* patting yourself on the back for that? They’re not that different from us. Can the mountain be a mountain again? The second one’s less invidious than you might think – a lot of guys have a tendency to produce a light mist of urine when they stand, and a lot of women can detect it on various surfaces afterwards and don’t like it much. The only way you can assert their superiority is through the simultaneous glorification of victimhood and denial of objective moral how do i make my essay interesting standards. Why? How about the fact that Canada actually took some US land up in Maine? N.