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Once described herself as "just a mouth on legs". After seven weeks of failed anniversary trips, including one where Amy accidentally got married to King Henry VIII, the Doctor returned Amy and Rory to exact day they left. Since they seemed harmless and he lacked the patience to stick around, the Doctor left to go on some buy a business plan college cheap solo adventures to "restore sanity". ) Showed up in " The King's Demons" writing papers online for money as a villain and puppet of the Master, got cut from an appearance in buy research papers online instant " The Awakening" and made a final appearance in " Planet of Fire. He was fond of hats and often tried to find one to wear. One of a very doctor who series 6 resume few companions seen to pilot the TARDIS, albeit not very well. The Doctor realised that they will die soon if he did not reverse the effects of the crude life-force enhancement. Although the day was saved, the Doctor was disturbed by the fact that several of the recent incidents had been masterminded by the mysterious SERVEYOUinc corporation and could not remember what he was coerced with. ( COMIC: Planet Bollywood) A shape-changing robot that the Master acquired as a sort of souvenir from the planet Xeriphas, this character quite literally vanished into the doctor who series 6 resume TARDIS rather than becoming a Companion. However, the staff were Zygon imposters, whose ship was under the hotel. ( TV: The Lodger) This incarnation's most notable enemy was the Silence, who were responsible for destroying his TARDIS, causing the cracks in time, which eventually consumed the universe, which was restored with the Pandorica. As the Doctor began ageing to death, Tasha returned Clara to Trenzalore, not wanting the Doctor to die alone. Under advice from Mr. ( HOMEVID: The Inforarium) However, he was unable to erase Earth's records of him because he had played a major role in the planet's history and future, with organisations across the world having been influenced by him. ( COMIC: The Doctors Do... Such doctor who series 6 resume prominent hats included a fez, a top hat, ( TV: The Big Bang) a Stetson, ( TV: The Impossible Astronaut) and, on one occasion, a bowler hat. The Doctor stopped it from thriving on its feed for chaos by locking the TARDIS' telepathic circuits and scrambling the telepathic circuits, making the Garaman unable to understand itself, as the Doctor and Hogan jettisoned it into space. He returned on the Ponds' wedding anniversary, and as his gift, took them to the Savoy Hotel. ( COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone) When the TARDIS materialised in Colchester, the Doctor was thrown out as it dematerialised, with Amy trapped inside. His multi-century war with the Silence critically involved companions Amy Pond, Rory Williams and their daughter, River Song. ( TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Angels Take Manhattan, Nightmare in Silver) Though he could not remove the information about him from the Inforarium's data banks, he managed to reverse engineer the memory-proofing ability of the Silence so that no one could retain any knowledge that they gained about him from there. Longest-serving companion if you count by consecutive years active. ( TV: Closing Time) He was also extremely talented at football, despite at first getting it mixed up with cricket. She helped the Doctor reach a machine to recover, and the two went to find Clara, who they found as a porcelain doll inside a glass dome in one of doctor who series 6 resume Sweetville houses, until the Doctor smashed the glass and freed her. Due to him sending Johnson to the TARDIS with the sonic screwdriver, his friends managed to free him and everyone else from the Scout's control. ( COMIC: Open Mic Night) The Doctors then tried their hand at classical comedy, though the twelfth incarnation's sense of humour turned sour, to which the tenth incarnation turned apologetic for. He was questioned by Brian as to what happened to his old companions, making the Doctor grow fearful once more about his in-laws' safety. They were left disappointed by the performance, however. The population and the doctor who series 6 resume invaders were also under a musical spell that made them burst into song, which the two soon fell under. Jones overheard them criticising his show outside, and he angrily followed them into the TARDIS, accidentally being buy college application essay new york times brought along with them doctor who series 6 resume to 1931 Mississippi Delta. (The robot was a prop from some other project that was never made, was shoe-horned into Doctor Who, and was promptly written out again when it proved to be an absolute nightmare to use, with its pre-programmed lines constantly going out of sync and suffering repeated breakdowns, and its creator died without leaving sufficient instructions behind as to how to control it. Created to help sell the show to Australia. ) While Clara, Alice and Gabby went elsewhere, ( COMIC: The Meeting) the three Doctors participated in an open microphone night, ( COMIC: Open Mic Night) for some "me time" that Clara had recommended. ( COMIC: Four Doctors) While the Eleventh Doctor tried to tell observational humour on the concept of observational humour, the Twelfth Doctor left after the audience how to write a process analysis essay did not take to his set up. ( TV: The Big Bang) He was also quite strong, being able to wrestle free of a Cyberman's grip. He and Amy next visited a planet under attack from the Shasarks. Classic Comedy) Aiming to take Clara to Victorian London, the Doctor instead landed 1893 Yorkshire, where he discovered a plague dubbed the " Crimson horror" and decided to investigate. ( TV: The Crimson Horror) He also wore various bowties, often insisting, "Bowties are cool", ( TV: The Eleventh Hour, Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor) usually when someone recommended getting rid of it. The Doctor was exceptionally resilient and durable, capable of taking a direct shot from a low powered Dalek gunstick and have to doctor who series 6 resume strength to make his way to the Pandorica and secure himself inside. Wanting to be left alone, ( HOMEVID: The Inforarium) the Doctor erased himself from every database in the universe, making sure that no one had ever heard of him. The Doctor, Alice and Jones discovered a large group of possessed people, who were being taken over in search of talent, by a mysterious man known as the Talent Scout. He repaired her damaged circuits and stopped the Shasarks from using her powers in a galactic war, fighting off their invading plans in the process. ( TV: The Lodger) He usually referred to things as "cool"; said things were generally unpopular, such as astronaut equipment, bunk beds, and eyeglasses, The Doctor discovered a strange occurrence on Earth during Amy and Rory's time; black cubes had appeared all over Earth. ( COMIC: By the Book) A brash Australian, inadvertently kidnapped from 1981 just as she was about to start a new job as a flight attendant. When the Doctor was found to be "the correct pilot", he convinced Craig to declare how to write a good introduction paragraph for an essay his love for his close friend, Sophie, and the three shut down the machine, saving Earth. Thursday, the Doctor and Clara visited a town called Sweetville, which was run by Winifred Gillyflower and her mysterious partner. Though very close to dying from old age, the Doctor still refused to leave Christmas or release the Time Lords. The Doctor and Alice next visited 1962 London, to see the first performance of John Jones, Alice's mother's favourite singer. The Doctor learnt this was the work of the Muse, an android goddess who had the power to make people break into a musical routine against their will. He entrusted Rory's dad Brian with the task of keeping an eye on the cubes. Ultimately, the most significant defeat of the Silence required him to marry River in a wedding ceremony, but one that they both seemed college application essay help online introduction to regard as genuine. He told Alice and Jones to return to the TARDIS, stayed behind, found the reprogramming frequency and saved his friend, singer Robert Johnson, but was coerced by the Talent Scout to join the ranks of the possessed. Finding a clue from Amy's future self, the Doctor became the flat mate of Craig Owens, disrupting his normal life, but changing it for the better. " The Doctor and Clara arrived on a space cargo freighter in 2269 and helped inexperienced crewmember Hogan to stop the freighter from crashing onto Lunar City Six, but the Doctor unleashed a Garaman, a creature made from pure written language who had been rewriting the ship's manual. ( TV: The Lodger, The Power of Three) The Doctor eventually came out of retirement to investigating the Christmas snow, which had a telepathic quality to it - the snow could remember, and could even form imitations of other things - when he met a woman named Clara Oswald. ( COMIC: What He Wants... Clara grew a fast attachment to him, both out of curiosity of who he was and what the snow was, and was able to convince the Doctor to help investigate a pond at a house she was governing for, only for them to discover that the previous governess, who had died in the pond and had been trapped when it froze, had come back as an ice duplication. He discovered the flat upstairs was actually a makeshift timeship, with its computer trying to find a suitable pilot to allow it to leave; all humans it tried died, causing temporary time loops doctor who series 6 resume threatening to strand the TARDIS in the time vortex forever. With the help of the Paternoster Gang, the Doctor was able to stop their opposing enemy, but not before Clara was killed by the Ice Governess. While investigating the town, the two were taken by Gillyflower's guards into a dungeon, where they were put in Red leech; Clara was hypnotised by the matter and became one of Gillyflower's servant girls, while the Doctor was fossilised. Realising he would die soon anyway with no means of survival, the help writing a project proposal Doctor decided to surrender to the Daleks. After being saved by Winifred's daughter, Ada, he was hidden away in a chamber from Ada's mother, and remained trapped until Jenny Flint found him while investigating the Sweetville factory.