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Finally rid of the pain and guilt that the war had left him with and now knowing the real truth, the elated Doctor met the familiar looking Curator of the Gallery, who buy an essay for university explained that the two titles of the painting, No More and Gallifrey Falls were in fact one title — Gallifrey Falls No More. ( TV: Amy's Choice) The Doctor took Alice to the planet Rokhandi for her first adventure, but was disappointed to discover that Rokhandi World, an theme park, had been built over the previously untouched beautiful planet. The Curator also hinted that he was a future incarnation of the Doctor. Kriemhilde had been searching for the eagle of the Ultima help with writing college application essays Thule, the key to the thousand-year reich. After releasing the young lovers, the Doctor and Clara attended their wedding, along with the two united tribes. They travelled back to 1984, where the divergence point was, to investigate. ( COMIC: The Friendly Place) On board a spaceship, the Doctor and Amy helped Cormac, the last surviving crewmember, to stop the shapeshifting Charonid, doctor office front desk resume who took control of both Amy and Cormac, until the Doctor trapped it in a force-field. The Doctor attempted to convince Kriemhilde not to touch the sphere, but she did, and was blown apart on the day of the British vs. The planet itself became a desolate wasteland covered with doctor office front desk resume buy resume for writing guide molten cracks, and without its original rings or moons, all of them destroyed. The Doctor and Clara visited this future, due to the Great Intelligence forcing them to visit the Doctor's grave by kidnapping Jenny, Strax and Vastra. Upon his return with Amy, the TARDIS gifted the Doctor with an upgraded sonic screwdriver to replace the ruined model he lost. They discovered that troublemakers in the park were being brainwashed to become park employees or work in toxic waste mines through the use of an Entity, and stopped it. ( COMIC: Track Attack) In an alternate timeline doctor office front desk resume where the Time Lords never gave the Doctor more regenerations, the Doctor died on Trenzalore and was buried in a giant tomb made out of his own dying TARDIS. He repaired her damaged circuits and stopped the Shasarks from using her powers in a galactic war, fighting off their invading plans in the process. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) After the Doctor left Amy and Rory writing essay for college application university on a planet on its own honeymoon with an asteroid, his TARDIS was taken by a rogue branch of the cambridge university phd thesis online Claw Shansheeth. With no other choice, Clara walked into the timeline, scattering herself across time and space, creating many other versions of her that saved the Doctor from the Great Intelligence. The Doctor, Amy and Rory were diverted to the Crystal Palace in 1938, where they met Sophie Renard, who was actually Nazi scientist, Kriemhilde Steiner. They faked a funeral to lure in his old companions, Sarah doctor office front desk resume Jane Smith and Jo Grant, and drain their memories to create a new TARDIS key using a memory weave in their plot to use the TARDIS to prevent death on a universal scale. Empathising with the creature, the Doctor discovered that Cronker, a voodoo priest, had created the Gibwyn with the aim of using the fear of the Gibwyn to keep the two tribes apart, doctor office front desk resume having bonded his son and his son's lover with a genetic bonding device. When the Kin exited the TARDIS, it ended up being trapped before time and thus its actions were undone. The Doctor complied, but knew Amy was just a disguised Kin. ( COMIC: Road Rage) Later, they flew equine creatures called Halohawks across Kandalath, and then helped the Halohawks keeper, Jando, to entrap a gang of poachers. The Doctor stated that his grave in this timeline was the one place he must never visit as a time traveler. ( COMIC: About Face) Afterwards, the Doctor prevented the Earth from being ripped apart in 1885. The Doctor escaped the prison and reunited with Amy in the TARDIS, who wanted to travel back to the dawn of time. ( TV: The Day of the Doctor) Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline through an open wound in his time stream, rewriting his history, and changing all his victories into defeats. He tried again on Sunlight 349 and the Dalek Litigator arrived to subject him to another public trial. The Doctor and the Ponds persuaded bank robbers to retire from their criminal activates, ( COMIC: Reality Cheque) and had Devela research papers on the death penalty arrested for trying to claim insurance money by causing havoc in in the city of Metrolos in the 41st century. Though he accidentally arrived two years later, Amy agreed to join him anyway. The ship's logs revealed they had committed suicide to prevent the Daleks from learning a formula, and the Doctor found the couple's children — Sabel, Jenibeth and Ollus Blakely — hiding in an escape pod, and took them home to Carthedia, where he learned the Daleks were considered a force for good after establishing the Dalek Foundation and the Sunlight Worlds following a recession. ( TV: The Name of the Doctor) He and Amy next visited a planet under attack from the Shasarks. The tomb was surrounded by a battlefield graveyard containing the fallen from the Siege of Trenzalore, with the size of each gravestone proportionate to the rank of the buried soldier, the TARDIS being the largest. Reuniting with Amy in the corrected timeline, the Doctor suggested they get some gazpacho. ( TV: Flesh and Stone, The Day of the Doctor) He also tended to twirl around in 360 degree spins on his heels, sometimes to get a panoramic view of an unfamiliar room, ( TV: The Vampires of Venice) wishing to leave an area in a hurry, ( TV: Closing Time) or simply a whimsical act done out of excitement. The Doctor was charged with a hate crime for publicly announcing the Daleks' evil, forcing him and the children to escape off the planet. The population and the invaders were also under a musical spell that made them burst into song, which the two soon fell under. Realising that the attempt at freezing Gallifrey worked, the Curator explained to the Doctor that Gallifrey was lost and the Doctor had "a lot to do" and congratulated the Doctor. German football match, taking the Crystal Palace with her. ( TV: The Big Bang, The Time brian chow phd thesis mit of the Doctor) He also spun in circles when walking, if showing off or needing time to think. ( TV: Nightmare in Silver) He even used his habitual twirling as a dance move, dubbed the " Drunk giraffe". They left him stranded in the wasteland of the Crimson Heart while they arrived on Earth in 2010 and joined forces with corrupt UNIT Colonel Tia Karim to fake the Doctor's death. ( COMIC: Danger Flight) The Doctor would try to offer a metaphoric statement or a simile, but often disapproved of his own contrived explanations and rejected them just as quickly, asking those in earshot to forget them as well. The Doctor learnt this was the work of the Muse, an android goddess who had the power to make people break into a musical routine against their will. ( COMIC: The Eagle of the Reich) The Eleventh Doctor talked with his hands and calculated with gestures. During this adventure, they met Chief Security Officer August Hart working for SERVEYOUinc, who had met the Doctor and Alice previously from his perspective and was bitter at them for an incident. ( TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Rings of Akhaten, The Time of the Doctor) Another habit of his, noted by River Song, is doctor office front desk resume that the phd thesis on corporate finance Eleventh Doctor would always ended up walking into the TARDIS when it's cloaked. ( TV: The Eleventh Hour) The Doctor later met up with the War and Tenth Doctors in the National Gallery, unaware if they had succeeded or failed in saving Gallifrey. ( COMIC: The Curse of the Gibwyn) While looking into the matter of a hypercube he received from an unknown messenger, the TARDIS picked up a distress call from a married couple, but doctor office front desk resume arrived on their ship too late to save them. However, the sphere was an energy-draining phoenix. ( COMIC: Planet Bollywood) After an encounter with Skeleton People, the Doctor and Amy returned to 2010 for a visit, only to find that Earth was under the ownership and control of the Kin, and that humanity was extinct. The universe began decaying, the thousands of civilisations saved by the Doctor perishing while the Doctor withered in pain. ( TV: The Time of Angels, The Vampires of Venice, A Christmas Carol, The Almost People, A Good Man Goes to War, purchase newly constructed papers website Night Terrors, The Day of the Doctor) He occasionally uttered malapropisms, ( TV: The Vampires of Venice) and often made speeches. ( PROSE: Nothing O'Clock) Taking Clara to Medattia in 1875, the Doctor encountered two rival tribes, the Wynals and Gibbles, who had joined forces to hunt down the Gibwyn. The previous Doctors left, knowing they wouldn't remember these events as the timeline was doctor office front desk resume out of synch. Afterwards, the Doctor took his newly regenerated TARDIS, which had a refurbished exterior and a new console room, on a short trip to the Moon to run the engines in, before returning to Amelia and inviting her to join him on his travels. Amy was captured by the Kin, who wanted to trap the Doctor in a house for the rest of his life. Completely outwitted by the Litigator, the Doctor was made to leave alone.