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Please reply. So on the face of doc engineer job phd resume it, I think listing The Institute for Learning after your name is not necessary and probably won’t be understood by everyone. If this work is not interesting enough for you to read about or experiment with on your own time, why would I think that you will be engaged or even interested in the job we would hire you for? "Contributed to project XYZ in the areas of ABC and DEF" is enough to whet my appetite. Look at the state of the nations health and diet. I really do not need to know about how big of a fan you are of the New York Knicks; but if you wrote a piece of software that can do something nifty with the team's statistics for fun, I would love to know about it. I have a MA in Counseling. That is a small caveat there. Examples are CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFRE (Certified Fundraising Professional), and MSCE (Microsoft Certified Professional). Second, how to write a good essay for pharmacy school you need to list things that are relevant to your industry. Thanks for asking, Julie Hello, I was wondering how to best present my skills on a business card. Good luck with your job search. ” area – and obviously it is important to him. I chose to go the nursing route for my career but I definitely know who our RD’s are. My concern is that by not listing my MA in Counseling I may be misleading others to believe my PhD is in Counseling. doc engineer job phd resume And you must work in facilities management. I know, I have a can someone do my homework online BS in Dietetics with an RD to know exactly how difficult the learning is and any healthcare professional knows what RD stands for, my God. My understanding of what the author meant was simply that RD as an abbreviation on a resume would not serve a purpose if you were to apply to say a job with a photography company in the sense that many people would have no idea what “RD” stands for. I have been told by some to drop the MA. I anticipate receiving the credential (“FDC”) in the very near future. After their names, even if they are looking for work outside the law, because it is such a big part of their work persona and tool kit. I work in Engineering, I have bs in mechanical engineering aquired in 1999, a professional engineering license in 2009, and a recently aquired ms in management of techology. The field is a joke bought and paid for by big corporations that funds all their so-called studies. So should I write (Name, PhD MA CRC LPC NPA) or should I write (Name, PhD CRC LPC NPA). From what I see in my research on the UK, credentials often are not used after someone’s name, and when they are, the most prominent is QC (for Queen’s Counsel). Very interesting debate – I have, for as long as I can remember, put the apprevation Esq after my name as I was awarded that honorific by the County Surveyors Society way back in 1960 and it was refreshed by them again in 1968 as I had a serious head injury on my way home from the award ceremony which caused me to forget the ceremony and the award and the honorific – I retired in 2010, but have continued to cite it as my primary professional qualification, because, despite being retired I am subject to oath concerning my duties to God, Queen and Country that go on long after I have passed away, to safeguard interests of the gazillions of generations of ‘subjects under the Crown’ that come after me – butg I have discovered do text citations book report that American lawyers also use this honorific even though they werent awarded it by the County Surveyors Society, so I’m thinking of qualifying it by the parenthised capitalised punctuated letters (C. Gracefully show your inner geek Hi Christine, yes, an LCSW implies an MSW in most places – however, there are some places & dobson and homework on the weekend people who don’t understand the relationship between LCSW and MSW. Hi. I wouldn’t want an RD after my name as the field is so full of itself. S. Thanks in advance for any insight! Some credentials are important enough that you could easily put them after your name, under the assumption that you want to use that knowledge and skill in your next position. I’ve also seen LLB (Bachelor of Laws), LLM (Master of Laws), GDL (Graduate Diploma of Law), BL (Barrister at Law), Barr (Barrister), , doc engineer job phd resume and Solicitor (often Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales). I guess that you are going to apply for jobs that are in facilities management? Hello Julie, I am almost in the same boat as below. Is there a better way? Similarly, it is very rare for a medical doctor to omit doc engineer job phd resume the MD, DO or DC from after their names. My guess is that wherever you apply, someone will know what FDC means, yet if they don’t, you’ll be able to explain. Those letters college application essay help online stands out convey a volume of information about a person’s training, vocation, attitude, and worldview. Thank you, SYM Hi Eric, congratulations on getting your FMP! I agree, I am a RN with a MHSA and a MA. ” congratulations on getting such a cool credential. Ed and my bachelor is in nutrition. RD field discriminates against those who can’t afford to work for free for 1-2 yrs to complete an internship somewhere in the country where the few are available. Certifications provide another shortcut for indicating the kind of jobs you want. I’d list it under “Skills” as Facilities Management Professional (FMP), and do a new section on your resume that says “Certifications” and put down that you have FMP Certification and where you studied it. I’ve just completed a Family Development Credential course through the University of Connecticut. By the way I plan on continuing work in the field of engineering. A lawyer will usually put JD, LLD or Esq. So your boss is simply covering all bases. Recognition of this credential is growing and I’d like to be sure I’ll be using it correctly. In fact, I see many colleges and universities now offer the credential, as well as the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). ) – I would greatly appreciate the views of you guys and gals on this idea as I have a lot of dealings with how to write a dissertation in 15 minutes a day people in America now that I am retired as I coach and counsel people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome all around the world, and the majority of my clients live in the USA I like to see these, but only if they are relevant. S. Personally I didn’t know about a good half of the credentials that were mentioned in doc engineer job phd resume the article. And for email purposes, you could say under your doc engineer job phd resume name “Member, Institute for Learning. Best, Julie Doctors and lawyers are slightly different animals, but the same principle applies. Im guessing I could put my name as: (first name ) (last name) PE MS? Connecticut is certainly in the vanguard for the Family Development Credential. I am not sure the certification is national or even regional but it is helpful when I am working with nonprofit organizations. Of course, if you want to leave the field of medicine or law to start something else, it is wise to omit the defining credential letters to preclude people assuming you want to use those skills. If so, I think you can put FMP after your name and expect potential employers to understand it. People who contribute to open source projects get a huge gold doc engineer job phd resume star in my book, but only if I feel like they would be comfortable working on proprietary software with proprietary tools, and not bringing anything GPL'ed into my codebase. Your insight is much appreciated! I use the NPA as needed. In your CV, you of course will list your membership. Hope that helps! I have a PhD in Sociology but my primary work is Counseling and I adjunct in counseling as well. This falls into a “how important is it? I am certified (CRC)for counseling, a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and certified as in Nonprofit Administration from a local university. I’m having trouble finding the proper way to list it. It’s becoming a more and more vital for Facilities Managers to have this credential, in the US and internationally. Show me some outside learning too — don't let me think that you get home at 6;00 and shut off your brain. And when you list Education, you will spell out “Family Development Credential” followed by “(FDC)” because reviewers who don’t know what FDC means will seek understanding under your Education section. You are correct in using FDC as the initials you would list after your name. RD lobbying also keeps any other people who do not tow their worldview of Big Agriculture and Big Pharma from having the ability to say anything about nutrition. As someone in the medical field I completely respect the value of the RD credential.