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We show that direct crisis exposures reduce do research papers have cover pages bank returns and tighten credit conditions through lower loan volumes and higher rates on new loans. Banking firms. Should we have difficulty meeting your specified deadline, we will contact you prior to the deadline to request an extension, or discuss a discount or other form of compensation suitable to both parties to reach an agreement (partial refund, discount, etc. A financial innovation that raises the acceptability of homes as collateral raises house prices and reduces unemployment. It replicates the finding in data on Western industrialized nations and checks that the paradox is not an artifact of population composition or confounding factors. buy eve essay verification engine We examine the optimal monetary policy in the presence of endogenous feedback loops between asset prices and economic activity. What might explain this historical pattern? Indirect do research papers have cover pages crisis exposures amplify these effects. We illustrate methods for responding to possible misspecifications in models used for assessing bank vulnerabilities. Our results provide empirical support for the commonly-used VaR models based on simple covariance matrix forecasts and distributional assumptions. We demonstrate the methods using the New York Fed's CLASS model, a top-down capital stress testing framework that projects the effect of macroeconomic scenarios on U. But looking back fifty years, or more, this effect virtually disappears from the data. Absent macroprudential policy, we first show that the optimal monetary policy leans considerably against movements in asset prices and risk premia. Long-run cross-country price data exhibit a puzzle. Using data on cross-border interbank loans among 6,000 banks during 1997-2012, we estimate the effect of banks’ direct and indirect exposures to banks in countries experiencing systemic banking crises (“crisis exposures”) on profitability, credit, and the performance of borrower firms. However, within a value-at-risk (VaR) framework, the relative performance of the covariance matrix forecasts depends greatly on the VaR distributional assumption. Relying on a standard job search and matching framework and empirical evidence from a wide array of labor market indicators, we examine whether the natural rate of unemployment has increased since the recession began, and if so, whether the underlying causes are transitory or persistent. We reconsider this issue in the context of the financial accelerator model and when macroprudential policies can be pursued. We develop a two-sector search-matching model of the labor market with imperfect mobility of workers, augmented to incorporate a housing market and a frictional goods market. The U. We find evidence that employers do appear to compensate at least some of their workers for engaging in high performance workplace practices. Homeowners use home equity as collateral to finance idiosyncratic consumption opportunities. Using unique datasets for the Spanish banking system, we examine the empirical nature of that relationship. We show how ‘exponential tilting’ allows the incorporation of external judgment, captured in moment conditions, into a forecasting model as a partial correction for misspecification. This result provides evidence in favor of the franchise value paradigm. An assessment of the underlying factors responsible for this increase, including labor market mismatch, extended unemployment benefits, and uncertainty about overall economic conditions, implies that only a small fraction of this increase is likely to be persistent. Our work goes beyond measuring the impact of computers on productivity and finds that these types of workplace innovation appear to explain a large part of the movement in multi-factor productivity in the United States over the period 1993-1996. Yet its causes remain poorly understood. We also make use of methods from robust control to seek the most relevant dimensions do the right thing summary essay in which a regulator's forecasting model might be misspecified - a search for a ‘worst case’ model that is a ‘twisted’ version of the regulator's initial how to write a high school application girl forecasting model. " We also find that the response of output is larger than the one implied by a conventional measure of oil-price shocks proposed in the literature. We adopt a framework where goods are differentiated by tradability and productivity. The paper shows that conditional volatility and asymmetry are significant statistical characteristics of the GDP and current account that reflect the excess volatility and the current account reversals. Today, richer countries exhibit higher price levels than poorer countries, a stylized fact usually attributed do research papers have cover pages to the "Balassa-Samuelson" effect. ). S. Crisis exposures reduce firm growth and investment even in countries not experiencing banking crises themselves, thus transmitting shocks across borders. States. The study concludes with the conjecture that people may find it particularly painful to be unhappy in a happy place, so that the decision to commit suicide is influenced by relative comparisons. The economic model can explain the conditional volatility and asymmetry of Mexican GDP and the current account. Finally, we show how the two approaches can be blended so that one can search for a worst case model subject to restrictions on its properties, informed by the regulator's judgment. These results suggest additional dimensions to the recent productivity growth in the US that may well have implications for productivity growth potential in Europe. As the underlying source of franchise value is assumed to be market power, reduced competition has been considered to promote banking stability. We show that the optimal policy can be closely approximated and implemented using a speed-limit rule that places a substantial weight on the growth of financial variables. Simple forecasts based just on weighted averages of past observations perform best using a VaR framework. This problem reflects a preference for robustness in the presence of (unstructured) model uncertainty. After controlling for macroeconomic conditions and bank characteristics, we find that standard measures of market concentration do not affect the ratio of non-performing commercial loans (NPL), our measure of bank risk. Boyd and De Nicolo (2005) do research papers have cover pages propose an alternative view where concentration in the loan market could lead to increased borrower debt loads and a corresponding increase in loan defaults that undermine bank stability. The project will be delivered by your deadline. However, using Lerner indexes based on bank-specific interest rates, we find a negative relationship between loan market power and bank risk. A calibrated version of the model under adaptive learning can account for house prices, sectoral labor flows, and unemployment rate changes over 1996-2010. The evidence of the last 20 years of recurring output busts and rapid reversals of the current account in emerging markets indicates that domestic agents may not be able to borrow in international capital markets to fully insure themselves against internal and external shocks. This paper derives a formula for the optimal forecast of a discounted sum of future values of a random variable. A model with monopolistic competition, a continuum-of-goods, and do research papers have cover pages endogenous tradability allows for theory and history to be consistent for a wide range of underlying productivity shocks. Similarly, introducing a simple macroprudential rule that links reserve requirements to credit growth dampens the endogenous feedback loop, leading the optimal monetary policy to focus on price stability. Finally, we examine the relationship between organizational structure and employment changes and find that some practices, such as self-managed teams, are associated with greater employment reductions, while other practices, such as the percentage of workers involved in job rotation, are associated with lower employment reductions. S. We also find a significant college admission essay online on bullying association between high performance workplace practices and increased wage inequality. An endogenous feedback loop is crucial for this result, and price stability is otherwise quasi-optimal. It also triggers a reallocation of workers, with the direction of the change depending on firms’ market power in the goods market. We find that covariance matrix forecasts for an international interest rate portfolio generated by a model that incorporates interest-rate level volatility effects perform best with respect to statistical loss functions. Stress testing has become an important component of macroprudential regulation yet its goals and implementation are still being debated, reflecting the difficulty of designing such frameworks in the context of enormous model uncertainty. We find that the dynamic responses of output and prices implied by these measures are "well behaved. Unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high since the 2007-2009 recession leading many to conclude that structural, rather than cyclical, factors are to blame. This study documents a paradox: the happiest places have the highest suicide rates. Martinez-Miera and Repullo can i write my dissertation on an ipad help me (2007) encompass both approaches by proposing a nonlinear do research papers have cover pages relationship between competition and bank risk-taking. S. What is often assumed to be a universal property is actually quite specific to recent times. This paper argues that changes in workplace organization, including the usage of self-managed teams, incentive pay, and employee voice, have been a significant component of the turnaround in productivity growth in the United States during the 1990s. The financial friction limits the current account deficit to a fixed fraction of gross domestic product. Suicide is an important scientific phenomenon. The paper shows that revisions of a robust forecast are more sensitive to new information, and discusses the relevance of this result to previous findings of excess sensitivity of consumption and asset prices to new information. A common assumption in the academic literature and in the actual supervision of banking systems worldwide is that franchise value plays a key role in limiting bank risk-taking. Our measures are based on exogenous events that trigger substantial fluctuations in spot oil prices and are constructed to be free of endogenous and anticipatory movements. Complementing existing work on firm organizational structure and productivity, this paper examines the impact of organizational change on workers. The study combines findings from two large and rich individual‐level data sets—one on life satisfaction and another on suicide deaths—to establish the paradox in a consistent way across U. Our analyses suggest that the natural rate has risen over how to write a geology paper the past several years, with our preferred estimate implying an increase from its pre-recession level of close to a percentage point. This paper models this phenomenon as a form of excess volatility by introducing a financial friction into a stochastic model of a small open economy. We develop two measures of exogenous oil-price shocks for the period 1984 to 2006 based on market commentaries on daily oil-price fluctuations. We study the transmission of financial shocks across borders through international bank connections. In fact, we find that portfolio variance forecasts that ignore the individual assets in the portfolio generate the lowest regulatory capital charge, a key economic decision variable for commercial banks.