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NEWTON who advertised, wishing to adopt a young girl. Morgan is proprietor of the Donald Times and he claims local police are friendly with her. On hearing this the man offered a loan of the tools, and when he arrived to find that she didn't know how to use them he suggested that he would just cut the hedge and the grass while he was at it. One such garden was spotted, and the usual complaints started to get made. H. SALONEN, W. ANDERSON, Elizabeth, Balaclava, wrote in 1899 asking police to find her brother William, c52 years, last heard of in Vancouver. HALL, solicitor of Geelong, in 1908. Uncle William MORRIS, Hawthorn takes him in. Background investigation requested in 1909 by Master in Lunacy re patient Thomas Lacey college application report writing harry bauld LAWSON. MORRIS, Frederick, 12 years, admitted to Albury Hospital in 1910 with eye problems, sent there by employer Mrs WRIGHT of Balga near Tallangatta. 13 pages, List 61. Occupier of house owned by John McINTOSH at Wonga Works, Stawell in 1900. Photos of both crews on file. O’LEARY, Daniel, wrote from Donald in 1896 re alleged rape of girl PARKER by William MORGAN, son of her employer. ". Daughter Vera is married to Samuel TARDREW. HEALEY, Katherine, Ararat. THOMPSON, Alfred John. Her daughter Ellen was seduced by John BUTLER (alias BROOKS), c35 years, Tasmanian, and had a child by him. LINDHOLM, Karl A. S. MADELIN, G. BACKSHALL, Florence, 12 years old, daughter of Michael J. File covers the attempt to capture them and contains photos of Antisin, Vice and one unidentified photo. A. A. The family boarded with a Mrs KAESEHAGAN in Adelaide, and she subsequently received a letter from a Mrs. 11 pages, List 43. CLAREHUGH of St. In 1930 6 Yugoslav crewmen deserted ship in Melbourne; they college application report writing harry bauld were Stijepo DOBUD, Marko BAKOCEVIC, Ivan BODOPJA, Petar PODORIC, Marko ANTISIN and Milin VICE; they were all prohibited immigrants. ISTOK. RUSSIAN SHIPS Thomasina and Ocean came into Sydney in 1906, and a number of the Scandinavian crew deserted. One enlightened soul asked, "Do you know who lives in the house? KARLSSON, – VIKSTROM, H. M. , assistant railway guard in South Australia, was given away by him in 1895 to a Mr. Insured with South British Insurance Co. BUTT, Charles, wrote from Bulumwaal in 1894, complaining of Charles AH HING who kept a disreputable shanty there. Canadian police contacted, but he is not found. Nidelven, or River business dissertation in management researching writing Nid is the river that forms the outline of the ancient town of Trondheim in Norway which has been ‘twinned’ through a bond of friendship between the youth of Dunfermline and Trondheim formed in 1945 - making it the oldest college admission essays for sale twinning in Europe. The unnamed girl lived in Modbury. CAULFIELD, college application report writing harry bauld Catherine, widow of the late Sergeant Caulfield, wrote from Sydney in 1900. A. Newspaper cutting on file show that Ah Hing was charged with how to write a letter to college admissions wounding James AH KEW at Bairnsdale. " and this prompted one committee member to speak research papers on leadership styles to the young woman that lived there with her recently born baby. Scotland Yard alerted and replied name not familiar to them. R. She had never had to keep a garden before, and had no tools or knowledge about what to do. NYLAND, Herman KOLMROOS. In 1904 Thompson’s then wife Jessie Wilson Thompson nee KNIGHT, divorced him. Present wife is living how to write a good prefect application with him in Adelaide and ‘is terrified of him. ’ Asks for Thompson’s criminal record but police refuse. MATSON, G. Very docave resume language en doc complicated and detailed family history provided, showing marriages to him, John BONHAM and James Albert college application report writing harry bauld HEALY, and a relationship with William WERCHON. Correspondence re getting him to Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne; aunt Mrs C. MORRIS, Burnley can’t afford costs. House caught fire and burnt down. F. George TONZI also charged. Names were: K. Have they ever done a garden? 15 pages, List 70. STAUSSON, K. , who are given copy of report. Her letters to him have been returned and are on file. And she had the child. 8 pages, List 91. & J. Translation and interpretation by Berit Bromseth and Gifford Lind, August 2002 from Oscar Hoddo's original. 11 pages, List 28. Ah college application report writing harry bauld Hing also wrote to department about attitude of local Sergt of police; he employed a young girl named MOONEY to help his European wife. 20 pages, List 24. Do they have any tools? 5 pages, List 10. Another problem that annoys people is when gardens are not kept. Statements from above plus George WALKER (old man), Henry WALKER (newsboy), Arthur WARD, George BATCHING. S. SMEATON, Walter, rabbiter, Bindi Station Gippsland, reported in how to write a phd dissertation 1913 that his employee Maurice Arthur CANDY claimed that he was wanted in Sydenham London for maintenance on his illegitimate child; had been working for college application report writing harry bauld the British Motor Company there, but joined the navy and then came to Australia. L. 9 pages List 35. Mrs. GILES, Joseph Henry. KELLY refuses and is charged with disobeying an order. WIKSTROM, J. She sought maintenance, and it was claimed he was married with five children, and believed in Melbourne. college application report writing harry bauld Like many other areas, single parent mums are often blamed for there being trouble. Comments were made at local meetings, and disgust expressed - "How can anyone live like that? 20 pages, List 45. Charged with stealing pigeons from Cornelius MANNERING of Bendigo in 1899; just under fourteen years old, but already convicted of petty crimes three times. A. Information sought by Arthur O. A. 22 pages, List 2. 11 pages, List 92. Kilda, who wrote that Newton had abandoned the girl in her boarding house. Bench orders a birching, but local police constable John J. AMESS of Frankston also writes on her behalf. 10 pages, List 96. This song has little to do with the garden - it's more to do with how a young mother might feel about the way she was being treated. Detailed report on situation includes statement that Morgan horsewhipped O’Leary, who owns a rival newspaper. Mrs. 9 pages, List 92. WHITE, George.