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In a similar vein, examine the economic health of the athletic program overall — and specific interscholastic and club sports teams — at your cable cmos design dissertation integration lowpower singlechip singleconversion tuner tv school. ” Natalie Daher reported for The Pitt News on the emergence of LGBTQ members and traditions within the Greek community at the University of Pittsburgh. This column is meant to help with exactly that. According to Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) president Greg Lukianoff, “FIRE is very pleased … Modesto Junior College students will now be able to exercise their First Amendment rights across campus. In the video, a woman over-aggressively, awkwardly and often crudely attempts to solicit sex from male strangers. In a new first-person piece for Vanity Fair, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky breaks “10 years of virtual silence.  Collegian contributing writer Rosemary Cook at Saint Mary’s College of California has tackled a number of hot-button and timeless topics in short burst op-eds. And consider using the movement as a launching pad for deeper looks into a range of body image issues. Let them clear the air, correct the record, provide a new ending or frame the controversy in a fresh, possibly newsworthy context. ” Explore the Fat Acceptance Movement’s existence, ins-and-outs and impact among students, faculty and staff at your school. ” — ‘Dazed & Tattooed. Stitched together from content previously published, posted and produced by the Temple News team, the six-part narrative guides readers through the shock of the elimination announcement to the teams completing their final seasons and the student-athletes and coaches coping with the loss of their sports and figuring out how to move on. ” ( The Post, Ohio University) — SPECIAL ISSUE ALERT: International Student Guide. — Everyday Sexism. ” She writes with staggering candor about the long-ago sexual affair with President Bill Clinton, its explosive aftermath and her current desire “to have a different ending to my story. — Fat Acceptance Movement. You’ve heard how deadly it is and how rapidly it has been spreading. Determine if the passage of time or changed circumstances has made them more willing or (legally) able to share the full story — or at least their sides of it. It is essentially another term for ‘friends with benefits,’ although it implies more time spent doing things that couples do, which makes it all the more frustrating. ” This past May, The Temple News unveiled a special long-form multimedia report documenting the effects of major athletics program college application report writing 500 words cuts on the Temple University community. Video of the incident is below. On spec, it seems intent on reinventing — or at least slightly upending — the typical celebrity Q&A. For a special 95-part (? Have there been any new rules, changing routines or larger cultural shifts within fraternities and sororities which show an embrace of the gay and transgender communities? Tattoo. ” One example from last semester was her annoyance at how little the public seemed to know about Ebola. Dive into some of the seamier or more sensational scandals in your school’s contemporary or ancient history. It’s hard out here for a plus-size fashionista, but it’s also the most amazing feeling to be able to rock an ensemble that takes time, effort and creativity to master. It is an eye-opening conceit — aimed at drawing greater attention to the “intimidating and impolite (not to mention bizarre) sexual harassment” men regularly inflict upon women. Have policies against tattooing intoxicated individuals, a person’s level of intoxication might go unnoticed until the marking of skin actually begins. ” Capture the spirit of Harris’s rundown by exploring the popularity and complexity of situationships among students at your own school. How much are head and assistant coaches paid in various sports? ” As she writes on her blog Natalie in the City, “Although I was a fashionista at an early age, I grew up receiving backlash for my full-figured shape, and the thin standards of the fashion world didn’t love my body as much as I did. ( The Columbia Chronicle, Columbia College Chicago) Check out my related ideas on this page “Food Stuff” and “Body Issue. ” According to a recent column by Craig in The Columbia Chronicle, “The Fat Acceptance Movement exists because women like me are content with their curves and choose not to be subjected to the Photoshopped beauty standards that consume Americans and society as a whole. But because 59 percent of colleges nationwide maintain policies that clearly and substantially restrict student speech, there’s much more work to be done. Even when we have a moment to follow the news or college application report writing 500 words learn about issues happening around us, we rarely have the means or ability to engage our world and make a difference. ” Vogue is earning a minor burst of fashionable buzz for its “73 Questions” series. When, where and how are students allowed to protest, publicly speak, perform or interact with passers-by in any phd thesis on social work organized way on campus? S. ” Among the items featured so far in “ NFL 95: A History of Pro Football in 95 Objects“: the Gatorade bucket, the first helmet radio, the video replay college application report writing 500 words monitor, the college application report writing 500 words pen that ended the 2011 lockout and a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform. — Situationships. She calls the exercise the “100 Word Rant. It is a sad truth that only by turning the tables do we hear how unbelievable they buy nothing day persuasive essay really are. The idea of a situationship is that two people (or more) can be intimate and spend time together without the structure of an official committed relationship. ( The Pitt News, University of Pittsburgh). As Taft explains, “As college students, life can be busy. And how, and how often, do students take advantage of your school’s free college application report writing 500 words speech zones? — “73 Questions. What many forget is that Ebola does not spread through the air, water or, in general, food. ” Join in Jones’ quest by staging a similar deep-dive exploration of the buildings in and around your own school. Now, yes, these A-list tête-à-têtes do seem a tad rehearsed and err on being speedy over in-depth ( in one chat Blake Lively reveals her mother once brought home a CHILD from a yard sale — the interviewer immediately races to the next question instead of asking, umm, why). ” The vid was created as part of The Everyday Sexism do teachers give students too much homework Project, a UK-based organization aiming “to record stories of sexism faced on a daily basis, by ordinary women, in ordinary places. While the question amount and filming style should be unique to your outlet and right for your coverage area, consider keeping Vogue’s “73 Questions” bottom-line focus of asking “some of our favorite personalities … what they like, what they hate and most importantly — what they know. ” How well do the Greek letters and the letters LGBTQ align at your college or university? Stories. Capture shots of the boiler rooms, basements, electrical closets, custodial areas and storage facilities that most students, faculty and staff don’t have access to see — or never bother to really look at. The Indiana Daily Student at Indiana University publishes an annual guide for international students who are setting foot for the first time on IU’s campus and possibly in the states overall. Among the most noticeable tweaks: the purposefully odd (and high) number of queries, the rapid-fire style in which they are delivered and answered, the continuous-single-shot filming and the mini-walking tours (and even Ping Pong-playing) that occur along the way. Produce a similar welcome edition aimed at students studying at your school from abroad. ” The next time you dive into a reporting project involving the history of your school, a campus organization or even someone’s life, skip the chronological rundown. Which sport or team is the biggest financial drain, and why? The key, of course, with this type of feature is using the selected objects as mere jumping-off points for much more in-depth looks at related issues, trends, individuals or events. How much does the travel component — for away games and tournament play — cost? ” Assess the frequency and types of everyday sexism occurring at your college or university. ” Where does your school fall on FIRE’s freedom-restriction map? — INVESTIGATION ALERT: Scandalous Updates. ( The Temple News, Temple University) It has been dubbed "the next new mandatory text for college journalists. And gauge its impact on male, female and transgender students, faculty and staff. ” Learn from Lewinsky. The actions are part of a lawsuit settlement stemming from a fall 2013 incident in which the school stopped the student from handing college application report writing 500 words out copies of the Constitution on campus. ( The Daily of the University of Washington) — PHOTOJOURNALISM ALERT: “Deep Inside Campus Buildings. At other points, she simply catcalls at them while walking or driving by. … Though most tattoo shops in the U. Tiffany Touville at The Post has put together a fun breakdown of Ohio University students’ alcohol-induced tattoo sessions — some at actual tattoo parlors and others at home via more informal “stick-and-poke” methods. But the series does deserve some praise for at least attempting to liven up a staid format (the dreaded, done-to-death, blah-tastic Q&A) — and it is worthy of a campus adaptation. A junior college in California has agreed to revise its speech codes and pay $50,000 to one of its students. ( The Collegian, Saint Mary’s College of California) — “Gay and Greek. According to Touville, “The results can range from an almost-perfect drunk tattoo to a disastrous scribble. ” Follow Taft’s five-minute plan by similarly ID’ing school-specific and society-wide issues in need of student attention and maybe even activism — and offer advice on how students can begin getting involved in less time than it takes them to walk across campus. ) report commemorating the NFL’s 95th birthday, the blog Monday Morning Quarterback (affiliated with Sports Illustrated) is publishing a series of posts — each one focused on “an artifact of particular significance to the history of the NFL, accompanied by other objects that trace the rise of professional football in America. ( The Hilltop, Howard University) — OP-ED AWESOMENESS ALERT: 100 Word Rant. Instead, focus on related stuff. Now, that time normally spent awkwardly standing outside your next class can be used to improve the world. Explore ways to more innovatively present interviews with intriguing and influential students, faculty and staff at your college or university. The 3,500-word story is rich with sociological context and candid interviews with individuals ranging from Pitt’s openly gay Inter-Fraternity Council President to a Delta Chi fraternity brother who doubles as the student president of the school’s Rainbow Alliance. ); a glimpse college admission essay online layout at the surrounding community; tips for beating back culture shock and finding a niche within student life; international student statistics; and a listing of potentially helpful offices and services on campus and foreign food options on and off campus that will enable students to feel more at home while at college application report writing 500 words IU. According to the activist who starred in the video, “The things some men say to women are shocking. And, in a related sense, is there still a natural, or purposeful, divide among Greek orgs — with some catering to members of all orientations and others remaining more conservative or ‘straight’? ” Consider crafting your own 100-word rants about current events or issues taking place on and off campus. Our limited time is dominated by class, work, friends and — occasionally — sleep. It includes a breakdown of university traditions, general knowledge trivia and key terms (such as answering the iconic question “What is a Hoosier? Let me be the one to inform you that you are in a situationship, and you’re not the only one. She is open about having hips and curves, proudly confirming, “I am a size 14 and don’t look like Kate Upton. Natalie Craig is a Columbia College Chicago senior, an impassioned fashion blogger and a confident plus-size woman. Rather than helping those who are suffering and at risk from the disease and supporting medical professionals, people continue spreading misinformation and making rash judgments with zero consideration of reality. ‘Fix the world in five minutes or less’ will identify a problem facing society and give readers a quick and easy way to make a difference. In a piece for The Hilltop at Howard University, Savannah Harris asks students everywhere an important existential-social question, “Are you wondering what you’re doing with the person you thought you were dating, but aren’t really dating, because you never had that conversation? ( The Dartmouth, Dartmouth College) — $50,000 Free Speech Settlement. Rather than learning how it spreads, people stoke fears about the virus, pretending it is a magical, elusive disease that can be transmitted without a carrier. Reconnect with the principal players at their center. It might make for an interesting op-ed series, the foundation for a special issue or even simply serve as a staff exercise to get the brainstorming and writing juices flowing prior to deadline. As Daher, 21, the editor-in-chief of the Pitt News, writes, “In an increasingly sexually diverse society, the ‘Animal House’ fraternity reputation of boozing and pawing at women is slowly changing. Follow the IDS rubric of mixing campus 101 facts and stateside-living tips with listings of people, places, events and things international students might be interested in checking out or knowing more about. " My book from Routledge features advice from hundreds of contributors, lots of digital storytelling tips, tons of story ideas and more than 300 exercises, games and prompts aimed at sparking you to come up with endless ideas of your own. Along with capturing the visuals, consider interviewing and profiling the individuals in some way connected to the spaces — sharing with readers the ins-and-outs of their work and the personal and professional journeys that brought them to campus. ”In a column for The Daily of the University of Washington, opinion editor Nathan Taft identifies a serious problem and then offers undergrads a simple, multimedia-friendly means to pitch in and help solve it. ” Craig is also taking time to spread the word about the increasingly popular and mainstream Fat Acceptance Movement, “ which means celebrating and embracing a woman’s curves rather college application report writing 500 words than shaming them. ” In an intriguing photo essay for The Dartmouth student newspaper, staff photographer Katelyn Jones goes for the guts. Among other areas, look into the related gender politics and the romance, college application essay service 500 words monogamy and social media angles of the whole shebang. Specifically, she documents “the spaces deep inside campus buildings. And what percentage of your school’s total budget is devoted to athletics? ’ Three words: Drunk. ( Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University) — “Fix the how to write a methodology chapter for a dissertation World in Five Minutes or Less. — REGULAR SERIES ALERT: “An Artifact of Particular Significance. “Chop, Boom, You’re Gone” was the culmination of five months of reporting on the Philadelphia school’s decision to eliminate seven non-revenue sports (later reduced how to write a really good college application essay to five). ” — SPORTS JOURNALISM ALERT: “Chop, Boom, You’re Gone. As she writes: “Chances are you’ve heard of the Ebola outbreak.