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This is a staple that any writer or student would need in my opinion. The Elements of Style is the definitive text and classic manual on the principles of English language read by millions of readers. Only something to actually write about trumps the list of what is required to put words together in some kind of coherent way. It is a very good deal because just knowing that it is there for me to use as reference is a level of comfort for me. " The revised "Elements of Style" is a must-read for anyone who intends to write or is already deep in a writing project. This book should be on every writer's desk. Used extensively by individual writers as well as high school and college students of writing, it has conveyed the principles of English style to millions of readers. The 18 main topics are organized under the headings, "Elementary Rules of Usage," "Elementary Principles of Composition," "A Few Matters of Form," "Word and Expressions Commonly misused," and "Words often Misspelled. The 18 main topics are organized under the headings, “Elementary Rules of Usage,” “Elementary Principles of Composition,” “A Few Matters of Form,” “Words and Expressions Commonly Misused,” and “Words Often Misspelled. The book gives technical, but practical, guidelines to great writing with examples of each 'rule' so writers can write so readers will read. ” “I used Strunk -- that’s what we called it, Strunk -- as a student at Berkeley fifty years ago. ” You know the authors’ names. It explains every "rule" of writing very clearly so that your writing will be consistent and clear. " “ The Elements of Style never seems to go out of date. I would recommend this book to any high school, college, or graduate student who plans on taking any tests or writing any papers or assignments in English. But it's still good to know when you are misusing language and correct A classic in English Prose Style. My skills are in my hands, not at my immediate disposal. I business dissertation researching student writing taught them with a copy of Strunk & White lying in full view on my desk, sort of in the way the Gideons buy ict a level coursework leave Bibles in cheap hotel rooms, as a way of saying to the hapless inhabitant: ‘In case your reckless ways should strand you here, there's help. do the right thing analytical essay ” "To the extent I know how to write clearly at all, I probably taught myself while I college application report writing 25th anniversary edition was teaching others -- seventh graders, in Flint, Michigan, in 1967. The rest is up to the imagination, the intelligence within. I learned a lot from this scholarly work -- much of which makes me a better writer. But one has to wonder if some of the rules of grammar tend to make writing stiff -- as they're broken frequently and nobody really seems to care. It has college application report writing 25th anniversary edition been too many years since I studied English in college. Offering the same content as the Fourth Edition, revised in 1999, the new casebound 50th Anniversary Edition includes a brief overview of the book's illustrious history. I recently got a reality check when I enrolled in a four week course. I just finished college, and I decided to buy it because I wanted to maintain a high quality buy a doctoral dissertation to write of writing as I begin law school and a legal career. I had to use this book in high school, and it taught me so much about proper writing. Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism. A must have! ‘Strunk and White man’ was what Scott said. I treasure its presence in my life and salute its fifty years of glory and accomplishment. Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use BibMe™ and give credit to those who deserve it! ” Very helpful. ’ Those listeners misheard. This new deluxe edition makes the perfect buy college application essay why i want to attend gift for writers of any age and ability level. Tough going, but informative. college application report writing 25th anniversary edition ” “It’s the toughness—the irreverence and implicit laughter—that attracted me to the little book when I was seventeen. Is the definitive text and classic manual on the college application report writing 25th anniversary edition principles of English language. Its counsel is sound and funny, wise and unpretentious. The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. Then I was able to become an impressionist and expressionist. I fell in love with Strunk & White’s loathing for cant and bloviation, the ruthless cutting of crap, jargon, and extra words. I got a firm foundation in college application report writing 25th anniversary edition the English language, learned to write basically, and could depict the realistic world. Since BibMe™ makes it easy to create citations, build bibliographies and acknowledge other people’s work, there is no excuse college application report writing 25th anniversary edition to plagiarize. This book was on a discount, and college application report writing 25th anniversary edition it's been so many years and I've moved so many times that I needed to purchase this again. I'm pretty good with getting my point across, but my style and punctuation isn't very good anymore. I didn't know that it was new, and that we were the first generation to be educated in The Elements of Style. And now The Elements of Style—the most widely read and employed English style manual—is available in a specially bound 50th Anniversary Edition that offers the title's vast audience an opportunity to own a more durable and elegantly bound edition of this time-tested classic. ’ S&W doesn't really teach you how to write, it just tantalizingly reminds you that there's an orderly way to go about it, that clarity's ever your ideal, but -- really -- it's all going to be up to you. For me, that skeptical directness included a tacit permission by The Elements of Style to break its rules on occasion: an alloy of generosity in the blade, a grace I still admire and still learn from. ” After Scott Simon interviewed me on NPR help with writing a dissertation problem statement about whether the word ‘e-mail’ needs a hyphen (yes, it does), some listeners, including friends of mine, wondered why I had answered in the affirmative when asked, in passing, ‘Are you a drunken white man? You've probably used this book yourself. “For writers of all kinds and sizes the world begins and ends with Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. And while its precepts are a foundation of direct communication, Strunk and White do not insist on a way of writing beyond clear expression. You recognize the title.