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I am 25 and need the grants to help us survive while I try and finish school. If less than 10K.. Any one have any suggestions? Without any aid, I lose out on the opportunity of having a better future. Though I won’t give up on my dreams,I just need some help. Anything can help. Reason being i need a car to get to and from school i can’t be on the bus with my daughter, i only need abouy (4,000) i would love if i could get help with this please reply back to me i would hate to not be able to go to school because i don’t have a car or anyone who can take me. I can not recieve a loan due to my parents bankruptcy and I still owe college application essay pay journalism Rose-Hulman $15,000. They are not accepted the grants. Being a part of music has been my dream since I was in diapers. Now, I’m supposed to be the first in my family to go to college. My dad was a victim of a gun shot and died before I was born. Thank You. I am looking for Grants to help in expense since I am not unemployed and living on unemployment. I can’t afford to pay my house rent, and others.. Hello my name college application essay pay journalism is Lawrence Banks I’m currently working in Yosemite national park my dream is to own my own restaurant one day. I have already been accepted. I am a senior in High School looking to receive grant money to pay for the gap that I have between being able to attend college and not attending. My mom is a single college admission essay online youtube mother struggling to raise four girls. My daughter dream was to be a lawyer but there is no way we can afford for her to go college they go by our income and tells us we make to much money they will help out low income but not middle class well my daughter wants to go to WASH. It is great.. I am a student at Western Michigan University. I am seeking to attend Eastern Michigan University in the fall. I have worked all summer as well as an unpaid internship while taking a statistics course at my local community college. I am a freshman at the University of New Haven. I am in desperate need of a grant for $3,000 for this fall. I’v always liked this major and I’ve been studying it since my second year in high school. I want to see my son to stay and finish his degree.. I am still short of reaching my tuition. Thankyou. I am 18 years old, I Was born in the El Paso, Tx, I Study my last year in a Preparatory , I want to study first in El Paso Community college application essay pay journalism College, to continue a accounting career in the UTEP (Univesity of Texas of the el Paso) , I really need the grants and scholarship to leave Cd Juarez, Chih, Mexico who is 100 Violent and Insecure to study and live. I. I am in school for my Bachelors in Science for Allied Health so I can apply to dental school. Please help! 0 and is heading towards the right path to being successful in life. I really want to finish what I set out to accomplish being that I made Deans list and am doing well but how to write a dissertation research plan it is coming down to either finding grants or having to give up, which I really do not want to do since I know I can do it! I need this urgent so that I may continue to study Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. I want to go back to school and change careers. However, AFROTC does not cover the first year of college and I was not informed of this. I am in my early 50’s and have been in the Asset Management industry for the past 30 years. I have tried for so many loans, but was rejected because I don’t have a co-signer. I really am in need of grants. I can’t get help from my parents because they don’t have the money and I research paper on gay rights am also working to buy simple things like books for school. So here I am asking you for help me.. I’m from a very unfortunate family that was left with no assets to follow my generation with a somewhat promising future. Since 1972, the federal Pell Grant has helped low-income students attend school. I would like to know about any grants I may apply,thank you. Long story short I have a desire to attend culinary school but the coast is insane a… I hope some one can reach out to me and I can share more of my story. I have a passion for helping people so therefore I’m looking into majoring for Nursing. I have a GPA of 3. I am a student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and I signed up for AFROTC to pay for college. I will have to pay the payment until December with one thousand dollars.. U and they are so expensive how to write a good application 9 level but i want my daughter to have her dreams come true so can you please help I am a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. I was just honorably discharged from the Air Force and am unemployed. I am a young single mother of 1 i start scholl on the 20th of this month for doc gabrie tarde college paper medical assistant although i qualified for finacial aid i still need further assistance. Bill covers most of the expenses, I still need ($5,675) to cover books. My family finical income is not so good, so I am trying my hardest to sign up for scholars ships and looking for Grants. A grant about 7,000$ would be great and would help me a phd thesis on quality management lot, because I’m going to be living in an apartment with a roommate so I can attend the college with the best nursing school. It is surprisngly hard to find grants and loans. My last 4 employers have either gone out of business or experience a financial hardship resulting in down sizing. I was so panic and can’t figure how to get 10k for this sememster. Thus, the grant is supposed to fill this gap in. I am a single mother of two young boys and am still in school. I’m looking to receive around $4,500. I really don’t want him to be embarrassed in his college. Thank you Hello, I am an Asian high school student and attending college next fall of 2012 as a freshman. My name is Darianne. I start school full time on may 7th for a 2 year degree on network engineering which is what I was doing in the military already; I graduated at the top of the squadron and recieved a AETC commandant award, my g. I am the first to graduate High School. I need college application essay pay journalism your help.. I am currently studying for a bachelors of science in community and regional planning with a concentration in GIS (geographical information systems). Thank you for your time. I found out the scholarship will not pay this year due letter was lost in postoffice and past due. This program is based on the premise that low-income families may not be able to save for their children to attend school. I have just finish the CNA training program and will be looking for a job while attending college as a full time student, just so I can make some more money, pay for college, and help my parents out as well. 00 gpa and going to college today. I have been in the dental field as a dental assistant for 7 years and am trying to further my career in this field. Something more dependable. Please help for this is a great school, education, and experience and I only need this help for one year. I can see my son’s face really joy and excited to be college student this year because it is his dream come true. Hi. I don’t know how to asking you to help me. The amount of the Pell Grant changes depending on the available college application essay pay journalism funds and budget of the federal government. Recently my son graduated high college application essay pay journalism school with 4. My family nor am I able to finish paying my college tuition.