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After all, affirmative action programs are institutionalized racism and racial profiling. Some of you probably don’t even remember back that far, but that’s all right. Martin Luther King Jr. Similarly, nearly all our figures on Jewish enrollment were ultimately drawn from the estimates of Hillel, the national Jewish campus organization, and these are obviously approximate. 5 and 2 percent. For most of these universities, non-white groups have followed a mixed pattern, mostly increasing but with some substantial drops. However, the Hillel data is the best we possess for recent decades, and is regularly used by the New York Times and other prominent media outlets, while also serving as the basis for much of Karabel’s award-winning scholarship. If you were ever ostracised, made fun of, dissed, or dumped because you knew your way around a computer, then you’ll feel a small share in the triumph of the Lambdas as they give the jocks their just deserts. The difference between the two states of mind is profound. If we confine our attention to the last decade or so, the relative proportion of college-age non-Jewish whites enrolled at Yale has dropped college admission essay online zuckerberg 23 percent since 2000, with drops of 28 percent at Princeton, 18 percent at Dartmouth, 19 percent at Columbia and Penn, 24 percent at Cornell, and 23 percent at Brown. What percentage of partially Jewish college admission essay online zuckerberg students identify as “Jewish” or does Hillel identify as Jewish? Furthermore, so long as any latent bias in the data remained relatively constant, we could still correctly analyze changes over time. And if such power is used to select our future elites in a corrupt manner, perhaps the inevitable result is the selection of corrupt elites, with terrible consequences for America. ”. The scions of powerful American families, the ruling elite of foreign governments, future Oscar-winners, are all important to bring into the fold provided that they possess an acceptable amount of common sense, native intelligence, and personal sympathy for group-sanctioned ideology. They happen to find themselves in – as well as these students personal proximity to individuals with political power, vast fortunes, entertainment icons, etc. But given such massive social and economic value now concentrated in a Harvard or Yale degree, the tiny handful of elite admissions gatekeepers enjoy enormous, almost unprecedented power to shape the leadership writing masters thesis criminal justice of our society by allocating their supply of thick envelopes. Perhaps the biggest disservice done by the outsize glorification of “leadership skills” is to the practice of leadership itself — it hollows it out, it empties it of meaning. Perhaps Jews simply apply to these schools in writing my admission essay visit to a forest far greater how can i write application relative numbers, with successful, educationally-ambitious Jewish families being much more likely to phd thesis on mental retardation encourage college admission essay online zuckerberg their bright children to aim at the Ivies than the parents of equally bright non-Jews. Meanwhile, liberals have countered that the student body of these institutions should ‘look like America,’ at how to write a mla essay least approximately, and that ethnic and racial diversity intrinsically provide important educational benefits, at least if all admitted students are reasonably qualified and able to do the work. It teaches students to college admission essay online zuckerberg be a leader for the sake of being in charge, rather than in the name of a cause or idea they care about deeply. Senators may buying a dissertation n natural phonology weigh their words and actions more carefully as their children approach college age. Helen Vendler, a professor of English at Harvard, published an essay in which she encouraged the university to attract college admission essay online zuckerberg more artists and not expect them “to become leaders. 104 This was roughly confirmed by the GSS respondents in 2000, who also believed that nearly 18 percent of Americans were Jewish, a figure more than eight times too large. And they do this with the full knowledge of how their institution serves to ‘Preselect’ the future elites vis the prestige of coveted high prestige diplomas – but also because the unique ‘society’ they create will become a kind of incubation chamber for the social networks of these preselected individuals. We also rely as a society, much more deeply than we realize, on the soloists who forge their own paths. , you’re obviously not going to see a corresponding increase in NMS scores evaluated on the basis of last names. And Gandhi; the former to — well, we’ve all seen examples of this kind of leadership lately. And why would high-ability non-Jews be 600 percent or 800 percent more likely to apply to Caltech and MIT than to those other elite schools, which tend to have a far higher national profile? Between 1980 and 2011, the official figures indicate that non-Jewish white enrollment dropped by 63 percent at Yale, 44 percent at Princeton, 52 percent at Dartmouth, 69 percent at Columbia, 62 percent at Cornell, 66 percent at Penn, and 64 percent at Brown. ” Instead of the old folks liberal ideas of race and ethnic divisions, let us change it to go by economic class. But based on the detailed evidence I have discussed above, it appears that both these ideological values have gradually been overwhelmed and replaced by the influence of corruption and ethnic favoritism, thereby selecting future American elites which are not meritocratic nor diverse, neither being drawn from our most able students nor reasonably reflecting the general American population. Thus, the college admission essay online zuckerberg huge Harvard cheating scandal, and perhaps also the endless series of financial, business, and political scandals which have rocked our country over the last decade or more, even while our national economy has stagnated. Dr. The last point is not a trivial one, since although our country is only about 13 percent black, according to how to write a dissertation synopsis a 2001 Gallup survey most people thought the figure was 33 percent, with the average non-white putting it at 40 percent. If you’re taking a population that would have once identified as “white” and now identifying them as Jewish, obviously you’ll see some Jewish inflation, and white deflation. According to liberal thought, intelligence is equally distributed throughout all economic classes, so higher education admissions should be by economic class, and not the old divisive ideas of race and ethnic background. “Conservatives have denounced ‘affirmative action’ policies which emphasize race over academic merit, and thereby lead to the enrollment of lesser qualified blacks and Hispanics over their more qualified white and Asian competitors; they argue that our elite institutions should be color-blind and race-neutral. So perhaps what had seemed like a clear pattern of anti-Asian discrimination is actually just the workings of academic meritocracy, at least when combined with a fixed allocation of “diversity admissions. 105 A very recent 2012 survey found that Americans believe Protestants outnumber Jews in this country by only 2. One reasonable explanation for these remarkable statistics might be that although Asian-Americans are a high-performing academic group, American Jews may be far higher-performing, perhaps not unlikely for an ethnicity that gave the world Einstein, Freud, and so many other prominent intellectual figures. To this end they select for a combination of traits: Smarts (raw biologically-based brain power), drive, an ability to understand and manipulate the common man – a facility for navigating institutional structures and rising to the top of whatever social hierarchy, popularity contest, etc. It attracts those who are motivated by the spotlight rather than by the ideas and people they serve. 5 to 1, when the actual ratio is ten times greater. 110 Most of the other Ivy League schools appear to follow a fairly similar trajectory. Even billionaires, college admission essay online zuckerberg media barons, and U. I have only located yearly Jewish enrollment percentages back to 2006, but during the six years since then, there is a uniform pattern of often substantial rises: increases of roughly 25 percent at Yale, 45 percent at Columbia, 10 percent at Cornell, 15 percent at Brown, and no declines anywhere. ” Some of those students will become leaders in the arts, she wrote — conducting an orchestra, working to reinstate the arts in schools — “but one can’t quite picture Baudelaire pursuing public service. S. We see those figures in all kinds of pursuits: in the sciences; in sports like tennis, track and figure skating; and in the arts. The combination of her academic ability, dancing talent, and “multiracial” background ranked her as one of America’s top college recruitment prospects, gaining her admission and generous financial packages from Harvard, Yale, how to write a religion essay Stanford and every other elite university to which she applied, including the University of Chicago’s most prestigious academic scholarship award and a personal opportunity to meet Chelsea Clinton while visiting Stanford, which she did, before ultimately phd thesis on self esteem selecting Yale. Indeed, the average Jewish IQ has been widely reported in the range of 110–115, implying a huge abundance of individuals at the upper reaches of the distribution of intellect. My own position has always been strongly in the former camp, supporting meritocracy over diversity in elite admissions. A more fundamental change might be to directly adopt the implicit logic of America’s “academic diversity” movement—whose leadership has been overwhelmingly Jewish 109—and require our elite universities to bring their student bodies into rough conformity with the overall college-age population, ethnicity by ethnicity, in which case the Jewish presence at Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League would drop to between 1. However, since these elite schools release no information regarding the ethnic or racial skew of their applications, we have no evidence for this hypothesis. Thus, if we assume that our elite universities reserve a portion of their slots for “diversity” while allocating the remainder based on “academic merit,” Jews might be handily beating Asians (and everyone else) in the latter competition. And when a large percentage of this college admission essay online zuckerberg population bears the names “Smith”, “Jones”, “Roberts” etc. ” Another classic, this college movie takes us back to the day when being a nerd was not an acceptable thing. The latter belongs to transformative leaders like the Rev. 89 A thought: What would it look like if elite American universities were, with the exception of high-octane science and engineering schools, were selecting the students most likely to become ‘powerful’ adults. 106 There was also the case of half-Brazilian Julianna Bentes, with slight black ancestry, who came from a middle-class family and attended on a partial scholarship one of America’s most elite prep schools, whose annual tuition now tops $30,000; her SAT scores were somewhat higher than Tiffany’s, and she was an excellent dancer. Art and science are about many things that make life worth living, but they are not, at their core, about leadership.