Buying a self service car wash with a business plan

I just buying a self service car wash with a business plan have an issue with settling on a fair price for both me and the seller. I am familar with the equipment and how the how to write a synthesis essay business is ran. Mr. The biggest thing that I see because our main business is sediment removal and odor control, is reclaim. And then ask them a lot of questions. And as far as the help that you get from the franchisor, I just don’t understand how they could help my car wash business, you know, locally, if they’re in Atlanta or in Los Angeles. Thanks Hey charlie I like to start my own car wash but the natter is the side,now aved done all my research and photo shooting and that place is buying a self service car wash with a business plan perfect for my businesses. As of this writing, it has not yet been chartered and Mr. I would like to be Eco- friendly and reclaim 100%. Just do your due diligence. The reclaim people that build total reclaim closed loop systems, they’re on the other end. Equipment. C. Lewallen will be the majority owners (80%) with principal investors owning the remaining 20%. I just read all the suggestion you hav given for car wash business. Mr. Either the reclaim tanks are too big or they’re either too small, they’re laid out wrong, the configuration is wrong, they don’t know much about reclaim. I saw your suggestion about doing your due diligence. It also includes nine months of interim interest which will defer the long-term mortgage payment. I don’t know of any franchises that are really successful, other than there’s one car wash franchise that I know of that’s in Georgia called GooGoo. The other is close to a corner with a stop light but, don’t know how much traffic it has but, it only has one way in and out. That makes it kind of tough, and that equipment is pretty expensive, starting at probably at least $20,000, going up as far as $50-60,000, if buying a self service car wash with a business plan not more. 2. Auto Paradise is a dynamic start-up company that will provide exceptional car care services to the members of the San Angelo community. One is not on a major road but, there are several apartment complexes and houses around it that is pretty busy. I called and found out that the lotbim interested in is approximately $700,00. And Avenue N, which are two of the busiest streets in San Angelo. Do you have any other suggestions I should consider when doing my due diligence? The last three years they grossed $311,000 $303,000 and $254,000. Washing Equipment of Texas (WET) has provided a detailed estimate for the purchase and installation of the equipment for two automatic bays, four self-serve bays, four vacuum islands (eight vacuums) and a reverse osmosis water dispenser. D. They’re selling equipment. And Mrs. The thing with exterior is if you price out an exterior with the building, etc. F. The other thing is don’t get locked up with one distributor right off the bat. , buy compare and contrast essay etc. The estimates included are from previous projects and are considered generous (on the high-side). What do we do, i mean doing it in nigeria I have recently decided to invest in the car wash industry. It will provide that following products and services to the local community: I just read this for a potential car wash biz that’s for sale. Do these folks usually travel to cities to wash them? Lewallen will secure from Compass Bank in San Antonio is structured to ensure Auto Paradise's success during the early months of operation. Go to their place of business. But I don’t like paying the franchise fee. And the other thing is find a good architect. Well, that’s where they make a big mistake. Talk to at least two or three or four equipment manufacturers. 2 how to write a mba research report Start-up Summary I think a 3 covered bay and 1 open bay drive thru self service bays would be ideal. And that’s their main thrust. G I’m near hospital,traffic department,medi care,road traffic department,clinic ext…and I have made a letter to my municipality wanting a help with equipment and that side but they refuse to give me an answer so I’m just asking a help to you on how to resolve this matter because my municipality is failing me. The purchase is pending the results of a phase I environmental inspection, which is expected to produce favorable results. Quality services that exceed expectations will establish Auto Paradise as the premiere car wash service in San Angelo, Texas. Lewallen will create Auto Paradise as a Texas C corporation based in Tom Green County. The $740,400 loan includes two elements designed to help build operating capital. What about reclaim tanks? WET, which is located in San Angelo, will also provide all maintenance and repair services. The estimated $390,000 includes total construction costs for two automatic and four self-serve bays, parking lot, signage, landscaping and architect fees. One of the steps I was considering was buying a self service car wash with a business plan asking some local businesses around there if there were a lot of car wash activities there. The architect plans and an actual bid will be the last elements necessary to secure bank financing. Depending on the area again. Auto Paradise is in the process of securing a lot near (one lot from corner) the intersection of Bryant Ave. Not doing their due diligence and not talking to other operators. How well do car washes do in rural areas? , not counting the land, and then you price out four or five bay selfserve with one doctoral thesis on project management or two automatics, cost of construction and equipment is almost equal. Talk to their customers. Based on this information, what would you consider to be fair market value and where would you begin the negotiation at. Lewallen is still considering alternatives. I think they are asking about $500K for it. There are none here in this east coast farming county which is less than 50 miles from the Atlantic ocean. Reclaim is really coming into its buying a self service car wash with a business plan own. Its s 4 way stop were I’m separating the town and the buying a self service car wash with a business plan township e. Why should I pay 5 or 6% to someone just for the name. Those are always going to be very popular, but the volume that they’re capable of is only about 15-16 how to write a good abstract for a dissertation cars an hour maximum, whereas in the tunnel you can adjust the speed of the conveyor depending on how busy a day it is, and you can wash anywhere from 60-100 on up, but 60, 70, 80 cars an hour is generally the amount that you can wash comfortably, depending on the length of the building. Here in the Northwest, no, I wouldn’t have a franchise, even in California. Well, the tunnel will generate a lot more volume, and therefore a lot more profit if run correctly. The SBA loan that Mr. Land. Probably not having enough information. They have probably approximately 35, 40, maybe more, car washes that they’ve franchised, and they own their own buying a self service car wash with a business plan also. Personally, this is only personally, I don’t believe in franchises, for the simple reason that I had a rent-a-car franchise and it didn’t do me any good. You can go and talk to an operator and as long as you’re not going to be in direct competition, they will give you some information. You can not have any discharge water going to sewer. The net income was $136,000 $97,000 and $157,000. Well, what’s happened in the past, oil companies got into the car wash business both in conveyor and automatic, and about 10 years ago, oil companies getting into the rollover business because they help writing a dissertation proposal could actually add on a car wash into an existing location. There are two in town available. But the tunnel is the one that’s capable of really generating a lot of volume and income. The architect is really important. So you have no sewer connection. I have not looked into that one yet. Besides the cost of the land, how much money do you think I should prepare for in regards to building and equipment to get it up and going? Construction. It’s just not worth paying that. Also How does the reclaim work? What about large bays for farming equipment cleanoff. I understand location is very important. The car wash is for sale buying a self service car wash with a business plan but, not the oil change business. The lot will be 165' along Avenue N best title for thesis writing and 175' deep. Getting a firm construction bid is the next step in the process after securing the initial investors. My question is on starting tunnel - automatic car wash, who will service if it get bad or need to be serviced. To me, it’s not worth it. Does it separate water from waste and you remove the waste as hazardous? We are in an area where is not popular and we need to service it from time to time. They build the closed loops systems which do the right thing essay questions is, again, another part of the industry, some states you have to have a closed loop system like parts of Florida, parts of California, down in the south, so you can reclaim all your water. If an architect has never built a car wash before, never designed a car wash, you don’t want to use him. If you can ,inbox me an answer if you can’t answer here. It’s location, location, location, so that’s very very important. It is a kwik kar name and the oil change business is across the street. It’s been around forever, but what’s happening now is that an investor puts together a car wash, the car wash looks beautiful, they’re ready to build it, and then at the very end they say, oh, yeah, what about reclaim? First, the loan includes a 10% ($69,000) construction contingency that will convert to operating capital if the construction costs are consistent with the estimate.