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Their Psychology program is absolutely wonderful and I truly feel like I learned just as much if not more than I would have at a regular campus. Research projects are undertaken on behalf the corporate world and is incorporated in a traditional Diwali Mela for local visitors. When i first entered business plan decription of buysiness this University i was excited about the decision i have made. In accounting we call that taking money out of your left pocket and putting it in your right. To top it all off my account balance was $2500 for over two months one week before the disbursement my account balance shot up and they took every dime... I had one teacher who actually taught a class to potential. For all the dough this school takes in, they nickel and dime every student and you almost get the feel that Corey and half the other textbook writers are getting a kickback for their books that haven't been updated since Freud was psychoanalyzing. Perhaps they really do just to want to help though? My admissions advisor confirmed that Argosy would accept my transfer credits because I made it very clear that I would not enroll if they didn't. Mind you I have passed all my courses. It cost to much and not worth it. It was at that point I began losing my patience. Instructors do not check into classrooms as they state. Other experience include no so much support from Members in the student service center very discourageing . I can say from reading the horror stories and from witnessing personally alot of what has been said is true. I have been given a lot of attention, recognition, and feedback to help my professional development. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT ENROLL AT THIS SCHOOL! I at this moment trying to reach the craziness timeline of Argosy and post every week or de kicked out of the program. From what I've learned about the program, I would how to write a fast essay recommend it to someone who is interested in advancing their career but would prefer the flexibility of an online environment. I wish I had been smart and read the reviews before enrolling and wasting my money. Now i am regreting it . Check the websites of some of the other accredited universities in the US and you will find a whole lot of professors who obtained their doctorate degrees from Argosy. By the way, I do not work for Argosy university - I am an accomplished college professor elsewhere! I was able to pass the EPPP on the first try and I was licensed fully last year. I never heard of a University placing a weekly post from the student buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour or having a unit timeline of work that needs to be done. Illumina is the annual disguised market research event at MDI. The assignments are challenging, but not impossible. SAD.... Really when I qualified for full Pell and took out additional monies to cover my education.... I am still hitting the grind trying to make my education work for me and it has been tough. However, the program itself is excellent. There are soldiers who succeed in crawling through minefields and go on to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, but I don't recommend crawling through one just in hopes of getting one pinned on your chest. Now I owe them money... One fellow tried to make believe he thought those posts were about University of Phoenix - a pariah among online schools. There is a diverse selection of students in my classes, who can contribute lots of insight based on their real world experiences. Most teachers there are alumni students and i can teach a class better than they can. It looks like a very bad risk to me. Most teachers copy a boiler plate syllabus, often you will even see another teacher's name on there by mistake, and it is not often correct. What's worse is I now find out that both colleges are owned by the same company. Argosy outlines in their own handbook that the arbitration clause shall remain even after you leave the school. Finding how to write a physics paper Balance I looked into enrolling research paper about a career into Argosy. I've been able to handle two classes this session and 40+ hours of work so far with no problem. In six months I have enjoyed all of my courses - I have a 3. Keep the faith and remember it can be done. I also copied and pasted posts from a different forum, as a way to illustrate my concerns. Feeling Cheated I wish I could give a positive review about my overall experience because I did have such a wonderful interaction with the teachers and I also enjoyed the course work. When one wants to progress in life and how to write a high school application essay book a school tries to scam you. The guys I talked with in "Admissions" (a euphemism for sales) tried the hard sell on me, and got their pelvic girdles on their shoulders when I didn't bite. People do your research. Papers get graded with NO FEEDBACK, making me wonder if they read it at all. Illumina attracts a footfall in excess of 8000, thereby providing companies with a huge population base to select buy resume for writing good a relevant sample for their research problems. I first considered attending Argosy almost two years ago, but I didn't feel that the time was quite right. There are standards to comply with, and if you cannot comply with those standards, then, this institution, or any other accredited higher institution offering a doctoral program, is not for you. I completed my BA in psychology, but I wish i never went there. That is why Argosy has a 80% debitness and had to cut the pay on their professors. I believe that Argosy wants to pro-long the dissertation process to get more money from the students and pay off their debits. I also never seen the craziness of the tuition as Argosy has. Argosydc graduate I am a 2009 graduate of Argosydc PsyD program. This university enjoys full Regional accreditation as well as some programmatic accreditaion. Choose another school PLEASE!!! , this not the place to vent your anger. I do wish they were a little more established, and I would like to get more information regarding how they are viewed by their peers. I have a lot of admiration for most of my teachers, especially my advisor (Schaumburg Campus). Once I gave up on this school and asked to withdraw they continued to schedule me for classes. D Pastoral Community Counseling program. Its incredible that was one finish their degree, if finish, the student has to work their rest of there life paying student loans. It's such a headache and so unfair to someone who is trying to buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour further their education and better themselves. I feel like i have spent all my time on going no where. With the completion of my coursework I have more knowledge to move up the ladder in the corporate world because of my ability to research and apply critical thinking to real life issues. Within the mentoring for advise, I never heard from the mentors to guide you on an issue that help with writing college application essay powerpoint has to do with Argosy. I personally could of attended another Universtity and at least had some of my Major classes toward my degree out of the way. If anything I should have had monies left over... I received my DBA from Argosy Sarasota in 2004 after 5 years of hard work, and I have nothing but praises for this school. 9 GPA, but now I find that I buy essays and research papers will have to take three years of classes as if I don't have a degree already. Argosy campus of orange had me takeing courses that was not even discussed in the intake process. Of Education. From Financial Aid to the Intake process to Transcripts sent over from other institutions. Finally, if I can transfer my credits and obtain another degree from a non-profit school, I will do in a heart beat. Once you enroll you will become a number. Be determined, keep your stuff tight (grades, behavior, ect. I think all of the students buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour who have been burned should contact the Dept. A waste of space, money and time. This university is for people who are willing to DO THE WORK. Some people think that they can enroll in for-profit institutions and receive a free degree; wrong answer! )never give them a reason to disqualify you and most important, document everything! ARGOSY UNIVERSITY IS A GOOD SCHOOL This university is not for everyone! I never post reviews but I had to tell everyone how crooked, and unprofessional Argosy University is. In the past year I have had over eight academic counselors and atleat five financial aid advisors, countless financial errors continuous stress and many of the issues you have (which are no fault of your own) go unresolved. A bit of advice... So far, the program seems like a good choice. Yet, six months into my program, I have decided to withdraw because of the unethical sales practices that got me here. Great Psychology Program at AU Online I completed my BA in Psychology last month and I was so pleased with the education I received at Argosy Online that I decided to reenroll for my Masters! Facts: I copied and pasted Better Business Bureau evaluations of Argosy, two of which were a grade of "D" (for the Santa Ana campus) and "Unsatisfactory" (for the online program). Online education is so new, it is caught in the larger tides of economic, social, political, and cultural forces, and it can't yet figure out what it is or which way it's going. It's funny how people back off when you pull out a date book recording everything that has taken place. They did seem to be a little buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour pushy, calling multiple times a day, and that was a little off-putting when I was working through the enrollment process. Remember there are hundreds and hundreds of satisfied students and graduates (like myself) who are proud of this institution. I was told that once i enter i could begin takeing my classes toward my bachlors degree in psychology I had to take 3 additional math classes and now im in a stats class. Also check the record of school principals and educational superintendents in the US and you will find the same. buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour They picked the wrong fish to feed that shoddy bait -- I worked professionally with felons so many years that I find con games entertaining to a point, then boring - especially second-rate con games like these guys were playing. If you did fail classes or the comprehensive exam, did not advance to candidacy, ran out of money, etc. I won't say that Argosy is worthless for everyone, but I will say that they should probably take a business ethics class before they should be able to teach one. Don't waste your time!! They do no respond to phone calls or emails, or discussion posts. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Flexible Environment = + I am currently enrolled in my first session of the MBA program, taking two classes. But,I did have some horrendous experiences with training sites, staff and egomaniac professors but I soldiered on. I was told that I would graduate months before I was suppose to. This is my 3rd time putting a request in writing, talking to academic advisors and academic advisors supervisors.... I do however intend to follow the Arbitration process. Work goes ungraded for weeks, and grades do not get posted regularly. I would highly recommend this school. The syllabus ALWAYS requires you to buy one more book then you will ever need and chances are if there is a main textbook, the other 2-3 books are just a total waste of your money - do not buy them! Over two months later, I found out they wouldn't. Dissertation Timeline I am enroll in the Ed. These guys tried every way imaginable to discredit the BBB, their results, and my ability to intellectually grasp the information without getting confused. Excellent Program I am almost finished with the coursework portion. Then I get told that i couldn't because I had a lot more other courses that i had to take. Argosy is all about the money and not the student I am Currently attending the Argosy campus in Orange California. Many do not provide substantial postings, if at buying a doctorate dissertation behaviour all. Argosy University took all of my money in the past Year and a half and im not even half way thru my degree program. DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS SCHOOL! FEEL: Once on the floors, there are flatscreens that direct you to classes and show some promise of technology but it feels like a rent-a-school. It can be done. I believe that Argosy needs to re-structure there entire programs and stop accepting every interested person in the program and seek better professional professors that can assist the students. Materials: Marginal at best.