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This is what they want to see. Going for a counseling degree you don't have to be good with numbers or memorize much information. Basically, it comes down to this, we were taught in highschool and those that did not listen, are screwed when it comes time to college. Now I see what that person meant. Yes, it did! They are challenging, time consuming, and require strict acedemic policies. I was told that once i enter i could begin takeing my classes toward my bachlors degree in psychology I had to take 3 additional math classes and now im in a stats class. We use the knowledge we were taught in highschool and apply in college. The teachers are not helpful, they just nit pick at everything. While you are in college, you are learning to be creative, independent, and mature. Oh, and be buy a dissertation online eve on the lookout for a book about proprietory institutions AKA the ripoff scammers! The Director has basically brain washed the top officials to believe that she is for the students. There are far too many student grievances filed against faculty members considering its size. Apparently this school doesn't offer alternative classes, so basically if a class is too difficult for you, you're out of luck and fail. My mistake. I'm done. So far the assignments I have been doing are not as meaningful as my Master's assignments were. Moreover, not only did I get a satisfaction from a personal perspective, but it has improved my quality of life. I feel like i have spent all my time on going no where. Thanks and good luck! After around 3 days, I call back to un-enroll, and leave a message, since my buyers remorse let me know that there was no way I could handle going back at the time. This is ridiculous that there isn't an easier math class for those who are slower in math or who have a learning disability. Perhaps I'm a Positivist I have had a good experience at Argosy. This is pathetic! I try my very hardest, spending hours before and after work on my assignments until the very last second it can be turned in. I am taking my education dollars elsewhere and will complete my degree at a college that is respectable. I was completely wrong! Sometimes I am shocked buy a dissertation online eve and appauled by those who have made it into the program... I had great difficulty with the beginning review math class, and somehow passed by mostly guessing, and help of friends and family. I appreciate this at Argosy and I get along with all the instructors. I feel discriminated against, just because I have a learning disability doesn't make me stupid or unworthy of continuing my education. I went on the word of a friend that Argosy University was ok. Advise against seeking admission. You do, however, have to have a desire to help people and you have to ENJOY being around them. This is my second class for the campus in Atlanta and I have not been award my financial aid package. I have attended another Atlanta University and thought they were bad in financial buy a dissertation online eve aid but this takes the cake. I personally could of attended another Universtity and at least had some of my Major classes toward my degree out of the way. However, they are pressured to "sell," as are the other employees of the various campuses around the United States. It's a shame that so many people are lied to and taken for granted. Worst school ever due to poor Business practices I thought that so long as I knew what I was doing their reputation for poor business practices wouldn't affect me. No one returns, calls, e-mails, pleas for help, etc. I wonder, where did they get their Bachelor's degree and HOW? Did Argosy University degree made a difference? Negative experience with online experience I am currently half way though the Forensic Psychology (MA) program. Bottom line is, it is an "easy" education if you are willing to spend the time. My average yearly earnings have been mid 300K per year, which is a lot from previous management position held (80k per year and dealing with office politics “extremely unhappy”). Argosy is all about the money and not the student I am Currently attending the Argosy campus in Orange California. No alternatives? But, when I went to check my grade, I had not received a grade nor did the class show up on the transcript. I would say it's really hit or miss with instructors. Now i am regreting it . I buy a dissertation online eve am sorry to those of you who have suffered bad experience. Favortism in Grading I attended Argosy University, located in San Bernardino, California. I was told to go to limited after school tutoring, call my teacher, or youtube how to do my homework, like I havn't tried that and I'm just some lazy piece of crap looking for a free ride through college. I have learned a great deal about myself while in the program. The facilitators in the BA Psych program at Argosy are PHD, PsyD level instructors or facilitators who uphold certain acedemic requirments. You would think because the school focuses on Psychology, Education, and Business they would realize that not everyone is the same. The Director of student services is never available. Your degree won't mean anything in the real world. Get the point! I saw where someone else posted the reason for that is to make your stay with the institution longer, therefore, drawing out more money. :) Good luck to all. All colleges facilitate, they dont teach. When i first entered this University i was excited about the decision i have made. This is what separates those from needing their hands held to those that can think abstractly on their own. As I read the reviews about Argosy, I cannot help to think that the negative comments people wrote about were becasue they probably showed immaturaty, needed their hands held because in real life, they could not figure things out on their own, or are just plain lazy, then buy a dissertation online eve decided to blame something else (typical human behavior). Sarasota have some communications errors that they deserpately need detangled. Apathetic Faculty Attitude and Overpriced While the Tampa curriculum and lectures are good overall the school's administration and faculty neglect of students makes this a poor choice for a Masters or Doctoral program. You will save a ton of money and more than likely will work with an institution that really cares. Well, I have had an experience of my life. how to write a good application essay 8 page A flat fee minimum per term. I remember one rep talking about her disabled student that urinated on herself in class because the handicapped restrooms were locked. I knew what field I will be doing after I graduate, so I decided to pursue the educational institute that will train me into the field I am pursuing. For profit and purchasing paper on plagiarism in mla style definitely not for the people If you're looking for an institution that cares more about meeting it's student quotas than student success, Argosy University, phd thesis on stock market volatility Chicago is the place for you! The Sarasota program has been positive. I hope you have found exactly what you were looking for! I like that the class sizes are small. I wish I Had Read These Reviews Before I Started The grading system here is set up for failure. I have dyscalculia which is a math learning disability. I pray I do not end up like some of the other reviewers and get shafted out of my refund. Really? I just transferred to Sarasota from Tampa, so although I am attending Sarasota currently, the majority of this pertains to Tampa.... I have seen students argue about failing their papers, those students are no longer at the school, but one could see them digging ditches (to pay back for the wasted money they spent) for roads to be made so other educated people can peacefully go to work in a nice cool air conditioned car while it is 110 degrees outside. Joanna would tell representatives to enroll the students anyway. The discussions we have in class can facillitate transformation amongst students and eye-opening, insight into a bigger world for psychotherapists outside an academic setting. I have nothing personally against the professors. For students who want an education go to a real school and not a warehouse. Recently, I took a research course and I had a terminally ill family member (sister) the instructor showed no empathy even with my updated communication. With Argosy being somewhat of alternative for many adults, the many online only instructors lack empathy. Students with disabilities are only cash commodities who are enrolled to meet those quotas. They also work in the field of psychology during the day. Those who sit and do nothing are welcome as well - which brings me to the fact that, yes I agree, admissions standards are incredibly low. Many of them are simply trying to do what they love to do, which is instruct. If submitted more then 3 days late in my last course you received a letter grade "F". And that's because people work there and realize that they don't care about students only about getting them through the first couple of weeks of class, or census as they call it, so that Argosy can get paid. None of the above has occurred to the date of this writing. Also, the attendance policy has changed and you are required to be in a course every session or you will be dropped and you are charged for courses regardless of registering for courses... I have never seen a place where the admissions team only cares about how many students they enroll. Late work is graded very unfair. The school is very overpriced. They are tedious, doctoral dissertation improvement grants national science foundation busy work assignments. For example, there were times when buy a dissertation online eve admissions representatives would go to her because they knew that a student wasn't ready for the fast paced class in the undergrad program. FINALLY, ARGOSY UNIVERSITY IS ONE THE BEST UNIVERSITIES IN THE UNITED STATES BECAUSE GRADUATES ARE GETTING JPBS WITH DEGREES EARNED THERE, YOU CAN TRANSFER YOUR CREDITS AS WELL, AND COURSE FEATURES ARE WELL DESIGNED TO GIVE A BALANCED EDUCATION NOT ONLY TO PRACTICE AS PROFESSIONAL BUT AS AN ACADEMICIAN. My problem with this school is versatility. I should have gotten the clue when they kept losing documents - official documents including my taxes - but I tried to have faith. I emailed my academic counselor and asked for her assistance. Anyway, I am not here to say bad things about Argosy for they have taken me to the next, necessary level in my academic career and for that I am grateful. I e-mailed and faxed the president of the school and she never responded. Wow, who are you guys really for? Think twice. I attend the Sarasota campus and have had a great experience there overall. I left corporate america to pursue a teaching career and it has been an amazing experience. This is step one-knowing exactly what you want to do before spending thousands of dollars. I have had a wonderful experience and I am motived to become what they are training me to be and I show it. So those that did conform, buy a dissertation online eve we will see you digging those ditches in the hot, humid temperatures. Run fast... BA psych program I read the reviews among numerous colleges and I see the same comments. As soon as I finish this term, the next thing they'll receive from me are transfer papers from another institution. As a matter of fact, start at a community college and take many of the general classes that you need. After that, it's the hell with the student. On a side note, my girlfriend is an MBA graduate of the college application report writing help University of Chicago, and she is amazed at some of the cognitive complexities that is involved with figuring out the assignments at Argosy. Other experience include no so much support from Members in the student service center very discourageing . If you are considering any argosy at any location... I have no problem with them being for profit, but when they utilize deceitful practices for their profit at the expense of the students... This is not my fault, I didn't ask for this. Argosy University took all of my money in the past Year and a half and im not even half way thru my degree program. OMG I am so out done! Argosy campus of orange had me takeing courses that was not even discussed in the intake process. Unfortunately,time restraints don't always allow me to commit to on-campus courses and the 100% online courses tend to be were I find the issues. You really get a lot of attention - that is, if you want it. Please note: they were expected to uphold the same acedemic requirments. The turnover rate in admissions is ridiculous... Additionally, the code of ethics engenders false allegations and dismissal of too many students for such a small institution. My second seven week session the professor lacked teaching strategies and graded gave grades to five students and four students did not receive a grade. I have 5 classes left buy a dissertation online eve to obtain by BA in psychology at Argosy. I now have Quantitative Literacy math class, I'm having extreme difficulties with this class because of my dyscalculia. Many instructors have no time to counsel students seeking assistance. From Financial Aid to the Intake process to Transcripts sent over from other institutions. I thank God I only have 6 credits in this program. If you do not conform or do what is necessary to conform to the acedemic standards that Argosy strictly enforces, you are screwed. I would only recommend this program to someone who has no other option and can attend the blended only courses. I have buy a dissertation online eve had good and bad. My third seven week session, I worked hard to get a grade, I went to tutoring and worked with a study group on take home exam. I also call the guy who pressured me into applying, as well as some other lady who was involved in-between trying to get me student aid. Faculty support of students is far below the requirements for a student's success.