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These include one by the Department of Justice seeking repayment of 12 Billion dollars in loans fraudulently extracted from students. No one I know graduated on time and this cost students more money and time. My faculty advisor changed 5 times during my program and I was never told. Thesis No Empathy, No Care First off, let me say that the enrollment process was the easiest thing about this place. Academic advising by Stanford faculty is a critical component of all graduate students’ education. I never heard of a University placing a weekly post from the student or having a unit timeline of work that needs to be done. Honors Cooperative students must apply by the end of the fourth quarter of the program. And, this is the place teaching me ethics? D Pastoral Community Counseling program. We were told in the beginning not to start another assignment unless the previous was finished. Of course the school (when they find this happening) fires the recruiter but then fails to tell the student that they were lied to. This school uses WIKIPEDIA and ANSWERS. I found out brown university dissertation signature page toward the end of my program that there was a common practice of the recruiters to lie to the students that they are trying to get enrolled. buy essay on inflation effects They suggest appealing the policy and trying to get your money back. COM as references!!! The process by which students are matched with faculty advisers varies by department or program. Faculty tends to stay for a few quarters to a year then leave. I couldn't get in touch with the instructor. And submitted in 7 days. You mean to tell me that a private university has NO other educational matter to link or reference to other than Wikipedia of all things (which is forbidden to use by students)? If you do not like students or do not like to work then don't become a professor idiots! It is embarrassing that while reading my lecture notes, I click on the "learn more here" link, and it directs me to a Wikipedia, Yahoo, or Answers. I found out when I would try to schedule an appointment. Run. Among the policies on top of policies that change with the winds, the two worst? Lazy. The Stanford Law School Advanced Degree Programs provides detailed information on degree requirements. If I had known when I started the Counseling program at Argosy Seattle what I know now, I would have NEVER enrolled in this school. My dissertation chair and committee member which is the business program chair are incompetent and did not do their jobs. Easy to get into hard to get out. The chair had my dissertation for a couple of months but policy is two week turn around she made four simple comments which would only take 30 mind. Students must apply for candidacy by the end of the second quarter of the program. When the student finds out they have invested so much time and money into the program they are typically stuck. L. Finally, if I can transfer my credits and obtain another degree from a non-profit school, I will do in a heart beat. This has been reported to the administration but nothing has been done. There has been mass staff turnover during my time and from what I hear its continuing. By the time you attend for 2 or 3 semesters and the apathy and passive-aggressiveness of the professors and staff becomes apparent, you have already invested so much time and money in the program that you feel help writing phd research proposal like it's too late to start over elsewhere. I believe that Argosy wants to pro-long the dissertation process to get more money from the students and pay off their debits. The behavior of faculty is horrid. I guess that I expected more out of the school and how to write a summary of an essay my fellow classmates, as I never would have considered my work to be more than what was expected. brown university dissertation signature page The final submission is to be at least 15 pages per sub question since anything less indicates one’s lack of knowledge about the subject (statement made by an exam evaluator. So for 7 days, everything else takes a back seat to this testing progress. People do your research. college admission essay online video S. What a big fat joke. Stealing from sick people is wrong. The entire forensic psychology program was changed without a word of it to students. In my 3rd class A3 was due before A1 and I got a tardy mark on that assignment. Run while you still have time. There is no support. I at this moment trying to reach the craziness timeline of Argosy and post every week or de kicked out of the program. There is no consistency. Candidacy is valid for five calendar years. New fees include a minimum of 6 credit hour enrollment per semester. I have called and written to complain about this. There doctoral dissertation on organizational communication are "lecture notes" however, these are a JOKE! how to write a proposal for a phd dissertation The "educational materials" are of little value. Within the mentoring for buy a doctoral dissertation jung advise, I never heard from the mentors to guide you on an issue that has to do with Argosy. I also never seen the craziness of the tuition as how to write a philosophy dissertation Argosy has. I thought I enrolled in one major (Human Resources and Leadership), later to find out (Business Administration), I was in another. So if you have unexpected expenses, you can't drop a course to save money. The school is neck deep in law suits. Enroll at your own risk, but you need only search this web under the parent company name EDMC to find out for yourself. This hope is dismal at best. Secondly, they do not refund or credit you if you have a medical emergency and are hospitalized while in the middle of a class. This means that one question equals 30 to 40 pages this does not include references, charts, etc. Not worth it. Do yourself a favor. There are better quality schools I am a former student at the Seattle Campus. Master of Laws Cannot recommend due to my experiences. The first 2 instructors I had were great then everything went to hell. The brown university dissertation signature page treatment and assessment programs were merged together. He is rude, condascending, and mean. He has on several occasions brought his students to tears. Dissertation Timeline I am enroll in the Ed. I have talked with other online programs like the University of Phoenix, Liberty and Walden, just to name a few, who either do not have this requirement or allows a long time-span to complete, i. 4 weeks. The Master of Legal Studies degree (M. I believe that Argosy needs to re-structure there brown university dissertation signature page entire bill of rights institute essay contest programs and stop accepting every interested person in the program and seek better professional professors that can assist the students. He made a statement about one of my papers, that brown university dissertation signature page it was what is normally expected from a grad student was both greatly appreciated and also a bit sad. When one wants to progress in life and a school tries to scam you. In the year that I have been here I have had only one teacher that believed in pushing one's boundaries and his words of advice and support will be the one positive thing that I will carry forward. Recently they've implemented new policies mandating fees how can i become best writer of research paper on online textbooks, even though half the instructors require you to purchase regular textbooks. The Application for Candidacy for Degree of Engineer is an agreement between the student and the department on a specific program of study to fulfill degree brown university dissertation signature page requirements. They have no technology support for the weekend classes and their instructors are poorly trained on technology. I got a call from a collection agency before I got a bill from argosy. That is why Argosy has a 80% debitness and had to cut the pay on their professors. E. Com page. SAD.... The school is being investigated by several accreditation agencies. The big kicker here is how they use veterans using their GI Bill, they will re certify you for an entire year of these expensive non learning courses then overcharge you for "digital " books you never use, h and with all these campuses they have no internal bursar so any bill you do incur (although using %100 Gi Bill you shouldn't) they send it directly to a credit collection agency. Nothing she told me about the program was correct. ), a nonprofessional degree, is conferred upon candidates who satisfactorily complete courses in law totaling the number of units required under the current Faculty Regulations of the Stanford Law School over not less than one academic year and who otherwise have satisfied the requirements of the University and the Stanford Law School.  By the start of their first term, all graduate students should identify or be paired by the department with a faculty adviser who assists them in planning a program of study to meet degree requirements. Its incredible that was one finish their degree, if finish, the student has to work their rest of brown university dissertation signature page there life paying student loans. There were so many assessment courses, I almost quit. What the heck? The Director of Training treats students like they are beneath him.