Bride of the monster essay

The only differences between the two endings of the film are extremely minor and trivial ones: Frankenstein, a young student, is seen bidding his sweetheart and father goodbye, as he is leaving home to enter a college in order to study the sciences. Frankenstein coming into the main room hears a shriek of terror, which is followed a moment after by his bride rushing in and falling in a faint at his feet. Shortly after his arrival at college he becomes absorbed in the mysteries of life and death to the extent of forgetting practically everything else. Written by When Ike is setting down to dinner with Maggie and her family, they are eating crabs and Ike and Maggie's father are discussing the weddings. Mr. Tako, head of Pacific Pharmaceuticals, is frustrated with the television shows his bride of the monster essay company is sponsoring and wants something to boost his ratings. Because an incensed Maggie complains to the newspaper for factual inaccuracies in her story, Ike is fired, but he realizes that the story still has some life in it and thus decides to go to Hale to do further investigation. Tako arrives on the ship transporting Kong, but a JSDF ship stops them and orders them to return Kong to Faro Island. The iceberg collapses, unleashing Godzilla (who, in the Japanese version, had been trapped within since 1955), who then destroys the submarine and a nearby military base. Yes, the director and the two big name stars are the same as the buy a doctoral dissertation writing film's 1990 counterpart, but even though the two films have striking and almost offensive similarities, Runaway Bride has a good enough story that I refuse to believe that it relied on the success of its predecessor. Then follows a strong, dramatic scene. Reaching the mainland, Kong confronts Godzilla and proceeds to throw giant rocks at Godzilla. Kong wakes up and breaks free from the raft. help with writing a dissertation methodology section The JSDF launches capsules full of the Faro Island berry juice and put Kong to sleep and are able to rescue Fumiko. The mysterious Faro monster, revealed to be King Kong, arrives and defeats the octopus. Appalled and horrified at his own image he flees in terror from the room. He snatches from Frankenstein's coat the rose which his sweetheart has given him, and in the struggle throws Frankenstein to the floor, here the monster looks up and for the first time confronts his own reflection in buy essays written by writers the bride of the monster essay research on money as a motivator mirror. If you just look past the director and the two big names, the story itself is not at all like any other film. The JSDF digs a large pit laden with explosives and lures Godzilla into it, but Godzilla is unharmed. Mr. Kong then approaches Tokyo and tears through the power lines, feeding off the electricity which seems to make him stronger. The formation of the hideous monster from the blazing chemicals of a huge cauldron in bride of the monster essay Frankenstein's laboratory is probably the most weird, mystifying and fascinating scene ever shown on a film. When he travels to the tiny town where she lives to learn more about her life and possibly get his job back, he finds that there is more to her than just a newspaper column. On Faro Island, a giant octopus attacks the native village. Kong then enters Tokyo and captures Fumiko, Sakurai's sister. There is only one ending of this film. For his latest column which he writes at the last minute as usual, he, based on some information from a stranger in a bar about a woman he knows of back home, includes the story of still single Hale, Maryland residing Maggie Carpenter, who is known as the "Runaway Bride" since she has been engaged multiple times, but always leaves her betrothed standing at the altar. There will, of course, be the inevitable cynical comparisons to Pretty Woman, and these complaints are understandable, but people who condemn Runaway Bride as a rip-off of Pretty Woman or some sort of re-make are simply not looking at the film, but only at the names on the bill. Not being able, howevers to live apart from his creator, he again comes to the house on the wedding night and, searching for the cause of his jealousy, goes into the bride's room. Meanwhile, Godzilla arrives in Japan and begins terrorizing the countryside. Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure" magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Sakurai and Kinsaburo place Kong on a large raft and begin to transport him back to Japan. ), and Richard Gere is a newspaper columnist (Ike Graham) who has been fired for printing a supposedly false column about a woman who consistently bride of the monster essay runs out on her marriages. Joan Cusack has never looked and acted better than she did in this movie, delivering a wonderful nasally performance that was strangely heartwarming. Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. The monster then enters and after overpowering Frankenstein's feeble efforts by a slight exercise of his gigantic strength leaves the house. He finds that Maggie is again engaged, now for the fourth time, this time to high school football coach and adventurist Bob Kelly, who is confident enough in himself to know he will be different than the previous three grooms. After a few weeks' illness, he returns home, a broken, weary man, but under the loving care of father and sweetheart he regains his health and strength writing personal statement for ucas and begins to take a less morbid view of life. They next string up a barrier of power lines around the city filled with 1,000,000 volts of electricity (50,000 volts were tried in the first film but failed to turn the monster back), which prove effective against Godzilla. All the terror of the past comes over him and, fearing lest his sweetheart should learn the truth, he bids the monster conceal himself behind the curtain while he hurriedly induces his sweetheart, who then comes in, to stay only a moment. Meanwhile, the American submarine Seahawk gets caught in an iceberg. Julia Roberts is Maggie Carpenter, a hardware store owner (a laughable profession surpassed only by Denise Richards as a nuclear weapons specialist in The World Is Not Enough. Ike looses grip on his mallet and it goes flying across the room behind him. As he realizes what he has done Frankenstein rushes from the room, only to have the misshapen monster peer at him through the curtains of his bed. " They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made. His marriage is soon to take place. Tako immediately sends two men, Sakurai and Kinsaburo, to find and bring back the monster. His great ambition is to create a human being, and finally one night his dream is realized. But one evening, while sitting in his library, he chances to glance in the mirror before him and sees the reflection of the monster which has just opened the door of his room. Both versions of the film end the same way: Kong bride of the monster essay and Godzilla crash into the ocean, and Kong is the only monster to emerge and swims home. Yeah RIGHT! He falls fainting to the floor, where he is found by his servant, who revives him. The look on Christopher Meloni's face was priceless! The JSDF then decides to transport Kong via balloons to Godzilla, in hopes that they will kill each other. Kong retreats after realizing that he is not yet ready to take on Godzilla and its atomic breath. By the end of the film, there is such a huge media hype about Maggie's wedding that it's a wonder that Ike wasn't honored for his 'false' column about her. When a bride of the monster essay doctor tells Tako about a giant monster he discovered on the small Faro Island, Tako believes that it would be a brilliant idea to use the monster to gain publicity. We see his experiment commence and the development of it. This is a very good romantic comedy, and it should not be missed simply because of a superficial comparison to Pretty Woman. In other words, the story of the film brings out the fact that the creation of the monster was only possible because Frankenstein had allowed his normal mind to be overcome by evil and unnatural thoughts. To Frankenstein's horror, instead of creating a marvel of physical beauty and how to write a motivation letter for phd application grace, there is unfolded before his eyes and before the audience an awful, ghastly, abhorrent monster. Kong then drinks some red berry juice that immediately puts him to sleep. He is convinced that he has found a way to create a most perfect human being that the world has ever seen. There were so many good things about this film that I am able to overlook the superficial look of unoriginality. When Maggie finds out that her arch enemy Ike is in town, bride of the monster essay ... See more » Runaway Bride is just a good romantic comedy. I particularly liked the wedding rehearsal scene. The monster, who is following his creator with the devotion of a dog, is insanely jealous of anyone else. In the next scene it shows born to buy juliet schor essay Maggie's father looking at where Ike would have been sitting while talking but Ike is shown still up from the table retrieving his mallet and not at the table at all. Ike Graham has his own by-lined column in USA Today, which he usually uses as a forum to rail against the opposite sex. Runaway Bride had all kinds of wonderful scenes. However, as more Westerners were able to view the original version of the film (especially after its availability on home video during the late 1980s), and gain access to Japanese publications about the film, the myth was dispelled. Godzilla is not fazed by King Kong's rock attack and uses its atomic breath to burn him.