Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation

That is, consumers want to build a relationship with a certain brand when they regard the brand as beneficial or valuable to them. The customer retention is the greater issue since wide range of substitute are available for the customer. Brand loyalty has been one of the most important issues in marketing since consumers tend to make purchase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation decisions by brand images that have already been formed in their minds rather than from original attributes or characteristics of the product itself (Dick, Chakravarti, and Biehal 1990). Loyalty is an old-fashioned word traditionally used to describe fidelity and enthusiastic devotion to a country, a cause, or an individual. Therefore, it is clear that consumer-brand relationship building is very important for high involvement products. , brand switching and impulsive buying are more frequent, and products are purchased habitually without much thought and cognitive processing in low involvement situations. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that the consumer-brand relationship plays a more critical best website for writing essays role in brand loyalty building under high involvement situation. However, for high involvement brands, both consumer-brand relationship quality and satisfaction influence brand loyalty. Parasuraman et al. Customers might also develop a sense of loyalty to a buy a a research paper certain person working for a company. Creating unique brand identity is a key issue for brand equity management (Aaker 1996). 897) in low involvement situation. Brand personality thus influences consumers’ preference, usage, emotional attachment, trust, and loyalty (Biel 1993; Fournier 1998; Sirgy 1982). The use of internet banking services in the banking industry result brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation as a one of the factor for creating service quality. Also, Sirgy (1982, 1986) outlines the importance of self-concept theory in consumer behavior research by explaining that consumers who perceive the product image to be consistent with their actual self-concept are likely to feel motivated to purchase and consume that product. 591) is much stronger than that of satisfaction (. However, the consumer-brand relationship has been tested with limited products, and it is not clear whether the brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation consumer-brand relationship still influences brand loyalty in low involvement contextual circumstances. For example "The retailer Tesco focusing on the customer, managed itself to increase its market share and profitability by becoming the market leader in the highly competitive and cost-conscious market place"(Cook, 2002, p. The fact that people develop a sense of loyalty can be described as a psychological reason to stick to a specific product. To achieve the doctoral thesis fairy tales atu complete satisfaction from product and services the customer makes active comparison between different product and services. Will be a more powerful strategy for low involvement products. According to the results, the congruence between brand personality and self-image increases not only consumer satisfaction but also the consumer-brand relationship. (1988), proposed that the SERVQUAL analysis was suitable to analyse the service quality of the banking industry by collecting data from the bank customers. "Customer satisfaction is increasingly becoming a corporate goal as more and more companies strive for quality in their product and services"(Bitner and Hubbert, 1994, p. Customer Value However, for low involvement products, marketers do not have to make much effort to build a strong relationship with customers. They have wide range of option to choose the product and services. It has also been used in a business context, to describe a customer’s willingness to continue patronising a firm over the long term, preferably on an exclusive basis, and recommending the firm’s products to friends and associates (Lovelock and Wirtz 2011). 4). They realised that the customer satisfaction is the most important factor to become the business leader. Sirgy (1982) suggests congruity theory and he argues that product cues involving images usually activate a self-schema involving the same images. Seong-Yeon Park and Eun Mi Lee (2005) ,"Congruence Between Brand Personality and Self-Image, and the Mediating Roles of Satisfaction and Consumer-Brand Relationship on Brand Loyalty", in AP - Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research Volume 6, eds. The brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation SERVIQUAL consist of five dimensions related to the service operation, that are tangibles services, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. In general, the brand offers opportunities to build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation relationships with consumers (Wester 2000). 293) on loyalty. Therefore, in the case of low involvement, the congruence between brand personality and self-image influences brand loyalty only through satisfaction. Therefore the global leaders cannot think competing in the market, only with the price factor alone. Rather, satisfying consumers with a variety of benefits such as product attributes, functional quality, price, etc. They will not be diverted from their expectation. The competitive market force the firm to raise their customer satisfaction always. The analysis of the service quality determines the customer satisfaction. Thus, if consumers feel that they are getting a good value and are satisfied after initially using the brand, they want to build a relationship with it. The service quality, customer value and customer satisfaction is the important considering issues in the retail banking industry to become market leader, profitability and brand loyalty. The customer loyalty can help the business to grow but the customer loyalty without perfect service quality and customer value will finally lead to collapse of the business. Today the customers were more educated and well informed. Because rand identity is represented by brand personality, it is a growing perception that brand personality can differentiate a focal brand from its competitors by creating unique brand associations. Yong-Uon Ha and Youjae Yi, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 39-45. 78). The ability of the firm to remain in the business is necessary to win customers over competition since the customer is the foundation of the business. Therefore, congruence between self-image and product image may have a greater influence on consumers’ preference, purchase intention, ownership, usage and loyalty to products and brands. The growing competition and writing services for philosophy essay lack of service differentiation in the brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation banking industry, it become necessary for banks to increase customer satisfaction, service quality, customer value and customer loyalty. That is, contrary to high involvement situations such as purchasing cars, computers, etc. Because low involvement brands do not build consumer-brand relationship, satisfaction strongly influences loyalty (. Therefore the organisation have challenges to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction always. People can build up a good relationship with a bank advisor they have known for several years and who has always fulfilled their expectations. There is an intense competition in the market to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation capture the customers. For high involvement products the consumer-brand relationship quality mediates the effect of satisfaction on consumers’ brand loyalties, but for brand loyalty and customer satisfaction dissertation low involvement products satisfaction directly influences brand loyalty. The customer's expectation rises gradually when they begin to use a better services. The business considering with only the product and services will not last long. The results show the influence of consumer-brand relationship (.